Live Project essay

The first phase is forming. This stage is very important because at this stage the team is formed. In this respect, the choice of team members is very important because each team member has his/her individual peculiarities and traits of character which may either contribute to the effective performance of the team, if all team members are capable to cooperate with each other, or raise barriers on the effective performance of the team. Individual peculiarities and traits of character can affect consistently the team performance. At any rate our team has faced such a problem in the course of the work on the Live Project, when one of our team members attempted to take the lead, although we have selected a team leader since the beginning of our team work and we have never agreed to change the leader. Nevertheless, ambitions of one person in our team were so great that he attempted to play the part of the leader all the time. In such a way, the forming stage is very important because the team should comprise individuals, whose traits of character and psychological characterizes as well as skills allow them to work together effectively and to cooperate with each other without any risk of conflicts. However, the choice of team members is not always successful. Nevertheless, as the team is form, the team sets its goals and distributes functions between team members. Each team member in our team was responsible for the specific function and scope of team work. Through distribution of duties between team members we attempted to optimize the team performance due to the accurate distribution of functions and sharing responsibility between all team members.

The second phase is norming. This stage is very important but, specialists argue that the norming stage is normally accompanied by the steep decline in the marketing performance (LePine, 2009). In fact, the experience of our team has proved that the norming stage provoked certain decline in the team performance because, at this stage, each team member tried to perform his/her functions and one team member attempted to take the lead but was rejected by the team. As a result, the team was working on the elaboration of the effective model of cooperation.

The third phase is storming. At this stage, the team starts to work hard on the fulfillment of duties of each team member. Each team member performs his/her functions according to the agreement between team members but at the storming stage, there is still a risk of errors for team members just try to cooperate with each other and perform their functions.

Finally, the last phase is performing. The performing stage is the last one which accomplishes the successful team work. In fact, the team work at the final phase is supposed to reach the goals of the team and the successful completion of the team work. In this regard, our team has managed to complete its work successfully and the overall team work had positive outcomes since the team has reached its major goals. The last stage reveals the effectiveness of the team work, while many teams fail to reach this phase because team members cannot interact effectively that leads to the failure of the team work. The team work fails, if team members cannot cooperate effectively with each other that leads to the failure of the team work.

In fact, each phase of the team work is extremely important and team members should pay a lot of attention to the close cooperation and integration of team members in their cooperation within the team. The team should be formed and include team members that can collaborate effectively. At the same time, each team member should be able to work effectively and to integrate into the team. They should normalize their relationship and cooperate with each other. After that they should storm the team performance and focus on their duties and functions. Finally, the team should reach goals set by the team.

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