Livestrong essay

Human resource management can face a number of risks which may interfere in the successful organizational performance. In this respect, the major risks associated with human resource management are the risk of conflicts and poor communication, which may persist in any organization. In actuality, the risk of conflicts may arise because of the different cultural background of managers and employees.

Therefore, they may fail to develop positive relations. Instead conflicts emerge, when managers and employees have different views on the solution of current problems and challenges that arise in the course of their work (Clements, 2008). In addition, the problem of poor communication within the organization can deteriorate the organizational culture and provoke conflicts. The poor communication is the result of the ineffective communication style.

To prevent the aforementioned conflicts, the organization should develop effective approaches to the human resource management. First, the organization should evaluate current risks. For this purpose, human resource managers should conduct interviews and questionnaires to collect information on issues that may provoke conflicts within the organization and what conflicts actually exist in the organization.

Interviews and questionnaires can help to reveal not only the essence of the problems but also their causes. The understanding of causes of conflicts and problems can help to solve them.

The resolution of existing problems should start with the introduction of new technologies that can facilitate the communication within the organization. Managers should elaborate effective communication style (Clarke, 2000). In addition, they should introduce effective strategies of the conflict management. They should choose the proper approach to conflict management depending on the cause of the conflict. In such a way, the organization can tackle existing problems and improve its performance and human resource management.

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