Local Lawsuit essay

This paper is focused on the research of the lawsuit that may serve as a useful real life example. So, the business sector lawsuit that took place in Maryland was chosen as the suitable example for this research. It has to be added specifically that researched lawsuit is in accordance with the latest trends in the business lawsuits context. It has to ne noted the information about the case was found online and wasn’t experienced by the author personally.

In accordance to some authors, for example, Gruenwald (2005), that participation in lawsuit is harmful for any company. It is obvious because in the majority of legal cases the process costs a lot of money and takes the time and efforts of the legal representatives of the organization and it’s management too.

Organizations should do all they are able to in order to prevent or at least to resolve the complex cases before they are submitted into court.  Researched lawsuit is the case that was solved with the help of the third-party mediator.

It has to be clarified that this method of case solving with the third-party mediator is often used by the companies because of two reasons:

  • The expense of litigation for the company
  • The uncertainty of the situation and how the case will be presented in the court

It is known that lawyers-mediators suggest companies or individuals to file suit. These lawyers-mediators also offer to represent these companies under the condition that client does not pay unless the case is won or the agreement about the peaceful settlement is signed (it is known as a contingency basis). It’s very attractive option for companies because in this case the attorney has to take the risk.

Obviously the owners of the companies do not want to obtain a lawsuit under any circumstances. Unfortunately for them, some companies still have to face lawsuit, for instance from their current or former employees.

Therefore I would like to present the case of Reliable Contracting Company from Maryland that was sued for the inappropriate employee termination in 2009.

Termination lawsuit wasn’t complicated but the company was clearly wrong when it made a decision to terminate its employee that came back to work for this company again.

The employee was previously injured and this injury was received at the workplace. Reliable Contracting Company ordered Gary E. Davis to come to Patuxent River Naval Air Station to accomplish his job assignment. But the problem for this employee was the distance between the new work location and his home residence which was in Millersville which was about 70 miles distance between his home and work place.

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