Macbeth Persuasive Speech

My dear compatriots, the respectful citizens of our highly beloved land of Highlands and Lowlands, my dear Scottish people, my brothers and sisters! I know that for you a voice of a woman like me may not sound rather persuasive, but here I am to appeal to your very hearts and to advocate for the sinful woman we all have suffered from and whom we have condemned, the Queen of Scotland, Lady Macbeth. I am not a judge or representative of the court to justify one’s deeds, but as a Bride of the Christ, as a representative of the Church and the Lord on the earth, I want the Almighty to speak now through my mouth and touch your painful souls just here where I am standing, at this city square in front of you who gathered to punish the vicious Queen. No sense to deny, terrible and tragic events have taken place in our land, and liters of innocent blood have been poured to the favorable ground of our motherland, but to understand all the circumstances you need to listen to me, to hear me, my dear brothers and sisters, and no truth will be hidden from you.

First of all, I will retell you what Lady Macbeth has done, and analyze what has led her to all those awful mistakes and misery she has drown into. Then I will try to explain it to you that Lady Macbeth was herself the victim of the time, the victim of the evil lot and her sinful nature.

We all know that it was Lady Macbeth who pushed her husband to the murder of King Duncan, and further, when her husband grabbed the throne and proceeded committing the violent crimes to hold his power, she was near him and strong ambition was poisoning her heart. What is more, she proclaimed awful things about killing her own child and finally ending insane as no human being can live a healthy life with all that blood on his or her hands. Our Queen was really to blame, and her guilt is to a great extent beyond dispute, as it seems it was her who involved all our poor country to that nightmare we have all witnessed. Really, she has refused her natural role of a tender and merciful woman and mother, instead of that she yielded to the call of ambitions, the desire of power and wealth, and, just like Eve in the Eden garden, she tempted her husband to the crime and thus opened the Pandora’s box. But my dear compatriots! Isn’t that our vicious patriarchal system that, on the one hand, teaches women to be faithful wives and to support their husband in every deed, and on the other hand, has made them all unhappy with their forced roles of wives and mothers, where they cannot find peace and realization? Aren’t the men to blame themselves, I ask? You, the valiant wives of Scotland, don’t you understand the feeling of a poor women, condemned by her function on earth?

What is more, this poor woman was the victim of the lot. All these events have been predicted, and no one could escape it. In this or that way, these actions had to take place, and Lady Macbeth, like all the other participants of this sad story, was a puppet in the hands of Heaven. And for that, she has received her severe punishment. She became insane, and the image of blood on her hands did not leave her and drove her mad. Her conscious and her mind have already punished her, and no physical reprisal can be more fierce and more just than the one she has already received.

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