Macro Economics essay paper

The World War II was the most tragic event in the history of mankind and the victory in this war symbolized the victory of progressive and humanist ideas over degrading, Nazi ideas. At the same time, the victory in the war was the result of the government interference in the life of the country at large and economy in particular. In this respect, the changes initiated by the government in terms of the New Deals policy were a decisive factor providing theUSwith economic advantages leading to the victory in the World War II.

First of all, the period of the war was really difficult for the entire country and theUScould hardly afford the enormous military expenditures without the government interference. To put it more precisely, theUSgovernment became the power which had managed to unite the entire country and efforts of all companies operating in the country for the sake of the victory in the war. In fact, theUSgovernment interference contributed to stability of the national economy, coordination of actions of all companies within the country and their close cooperation targeting at the military protection of the country. This is why it is possible to estimate that the government interference played the major role in the victory of theUSand its allies in the war.

At the same time, the interference of theUSgovernment became really effective due to the high level of the national economy. The latter was apparently the result of the policies of the New Deal. In fact, the victory in the World War II would be impossible without the policies of the New Deal. These policies created the economic basis which permitted the American government to rely on the national companies and ordinary Americans in the war. In fact, the New Deal pushed the economic development of the country, due to which theUSmanaged to finance its military programs and supply its allies with weapon and essential products the major factors that brought the victory to the allies.

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