Magnetic song vs. Rhetorical song essay

Magnetic and rhetorical songs refer to different genres and they may have a different impact on the audience.

Nevertheless, magnetic and rhetorical songs still bear their messages and have a profound impact on the audience.

In this regard, it is possible to refer to such songs as Talking New York and Talking Sailor. As the matter of fact, these two songs belong to two different genres: rhetorical song and magnetic song respectively.

Talking New York is the song that depicts feelings and emotions of the narrator. The song conveys the story from the regular, routine life of the narrator, who is living in New York and doing routing things. At the same time, the emotional pressure increases in the course of the song and the audience feels the pressure the narrator suffers from to the extent that New York become a sort of living being that absorbs an individual.

As for Talking Sailor, this song is a magnetic song. In fact, the song appeals to action. At first, the song describes devastations and first signs of the beginning of the war. However, the narrator does not simply convey the tragic events or a psychological trauma he suffers from. Instead, the entire song is a sort of appeal to action. The narrator, the sailor, cannot stay and wait for something to happen. He urges to act. He wants to do something. He wants changes  and he is ready to start acting.

Thus, rhetorical and magnetic songs convey different messages and have different effects on the audience but they still affect emotions of the audience and evoke different responses from the audience.

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