Maladaptive Behaviour Essay

Maladaptive behaviour is defined as undesirable or unnatural behaviour. The definition derives from the term adaptive, or able to adopt. In the case with maladaptive behaviour we can speak about the poor ability to adapt or about the lack of it. This is the main criterion to define abnormality. There are two ways, in which maladaptive behaviour can be expressed. First of all maladaptive behaviour can be directed on the individual. In this case it is expressed in his or her inability to reach personal goals and to adapt to the surrounding.

In the second case of maladaptive behaviour it is directed to other people. An individual with such kind of behaviour interferers with the function of social group.

If we try to investigate the deepest roots of maladaptive behaviour we will understand that they become a manifestation of deep psychological problems. In this case resolving this problems would naturally result in the reduce of the level of maladaptive behaviour. Different social programs, aiming to help people, who are inclined to this kin of behaviour, to resolve their internal problems can serve a good service and reduce the level of undesirable behaviour.

There are several signs, which distinguish that individual turns to maladaptive behaviour. These signs are relatively long periods of discomfort, inability to operate effectively in the society, disruptive behaviour and impaired functioning. Each of these signs can become symptoms of maladaptive behaviour.

If I would find a signs of maladaptive behaviour in my own actions, I would probably act in two ways. First of all I would call for the help of professionals. I believe that there are specialists, who know general roots and reasons of this kind of behaviour. I think that their help would be really necessary in this case. I also would wish to meet people, who had same kind of problems and managed to find a successful solution.

In addition to all measure mentioned above I would develop a program of my own in order to find the roots of this behaviour and get ways to change it.

  1. First point of my program would be monitoring. I would start a dairy in order to get access to the thoughts and feelings I do not realize about myself. Spontaneous writing can get a lot of information about my own personality. As soon as I identify the roots of the problem I will be able to change the situation.
  2. Depending on the roots of my maladaptive behaviour, I would choose further strategy to deal with it. If my spontaneous writing shows negative attitude towards the world, people and myself, I will try to change negative conceptions into positive ones.
  3. For these purpose I will put down all my negative ideas about the and myself and write their opposites. I will start monitoring the cases, when I use these phrases and try to change them for positive ones.
  4.  I most probably would also ask my dear people to point me when I turn to this way of thinking and correct me.
  5. I would also set a goal searching for positive sides of any situation. For this purpose reframing can be very useful. In this strategy you put even negative events in positive context and concentrate on the positive part of the statement. For example, I failed my exam is a negative statement. If we use reframing, we will not change the very statement, we will only add positive aspect to it. Now it will sound like this: I failed my exam, but the next time I will definitely pass it or I failed my exam, but I have so many friends, who came here to support and help me. This kind of thinking will bring positive results if to follow the aim persistently.
  6. In addition, I will create a positive image of myself. This image will possess all qualities I would wish to have. I will put down this description and define a number of steps, which I will perform in order to correspond to this image. This will give me additional motivation to change.

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