Management Company – is the Starbucks Corporation

Future plans of Starbucks

On April 17, 2007 opened the first store in Romania in Bucharest. It is planned to continue through Romania to a total of 150 cafes will be opened in major cities throughout the country. On May 25, 2007 there was signed an agreement with the companies KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King to open Starbucks stores in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. It should be noted that Starbucks has 50% of companies currently operating in licensed shops and cafes throughout the world. Starbucks is even starting to develop popular chain of grocery stores in the United States and Canada. Other businesses of the company includes Tazo® tea, compact discs from Starbucks Hear Music™, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Torrefazione Italia. The company as well as other transnational companies has been severely criticized by various practices considered anti-ecological, their inputs are mainly genetically engineered seeds that have contaminated soils from around the world allowing the survival of endemic seed, and to the detriment of the peasants who for this lower cost of genetically engineered seeds are provided with income below the company but with the added value increase it many more times in the sale of its products in the free market. The largest coffee house chain Starbucks is considered one of the symbols of America. Today every fifth cup of coffee is consumed in the U.S., but Howard Schultz, the owner and inspirer of the company, had to work hard to instill in Americans love for this exquisite beverage.

Interesting facts about Starbucks

It should be noted that there are many interesting facts about Starbucks. The name Starbucks is derived from the surname of one of the characters in the novel H. Melville, Moby Dick (Starbuck). Logo image siren was topless and the navel. The image of the bell symbolizes that the coffee at Starbucks is delivered from the far corners of the world. The original logo Starbucks can still be seen at the first store in Seattle. Facilities for Starbucks coffee are always the following: the front door facing east or south and never to the north. Visitors should enjoy natural light, but it should not interfere with them. Music sounding in Starbucks stores throughout its network covers: the song which you hear in New York, playing at the same moment in Seattle. In addition, each cafe has a unique interior design and atmosphere. Several years ago, Starbucks has joined the list of organizations participating in the anti-AIDS fund (PRODUCT) RED ™, and sends percentage of their profits for research and treatment of the virus in Africa. During the year the company had collected donations, which will last for 7 million days of medical support to HIV infected people in Africa. Starbucks is currently present in over 55 countries. The first Starbucks location outside North America opened in Tokyo, Japan, in 1996. Starbucks entered the UK market in 1998 with $ 83 million profit the then 60-outlet, Seattle Coffee English, were rebranded as Starbucks. In September 2002, Starbucks opened its first store in Latin America in Mexico City. In August 2003, Starbucks opened its first store in South America in Lima, Peru. On March 17, 2011, Starbucks opened its third restaurant in Central America and its first in Guatemala City, Guatemala, according to Howard Schultz writes second book about Starbucks coffee business (2011). Orin Smith is president and CEO of Starbucks from 2001 to 2005. President of Starbucks Howard Schultz, said that growth is not foolproof dilute the company’s culture and speak the common goal of the company’s leadership to behave like a small company. In January 2008, Chairman Howard Schultz continued his role as president and CEO after eight-year break, replacing Jim Donald, who took that position in 2005 but was asked to resign in 2007. Schultz seeks to restore what he called specific Starbucks experience in the face of rapid expansion. Analysts believe that Schultz should determine how to cope with higher prices of materials and increased competition from fast-food chains with lower prices, including McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts. Starbucks has announced it will discontinue its products and hot sandwiches for breakfast, originally intended to launch nationwide in 2008, in order to refocus the brand of coffee, but the objections were resolved and sandwiches will continue to produce. On February 23, 2008, Starbucks closed its stores from 5:30 to 21:00 local time to train their baristas (coffee masters). In March 2008, Schultz has made several announcements to shareholders of Starbucks. In early 2008, Starbucks launched a web site My Starbucks idea, in order to collect suggestions and feedback from users. Other users can comment and vote on the proposals. Journalist Jack Shofield said My Starbucks represents all sweetness and light of the moment, I do not think it possible, at least without very much censorship, according to 15 Facts About Starbucks That Will Blow Your Mind (2011). In September 2009, Starbucks in the UK has introduced free Wi-Fi in most of their seats, working closely with Wi-Fi partner BT Openzone (BT Openzone). Customers with Starbucks card will be able to log into Wi-Fi store the data from the card and thus enjoy the benefits of loyalty programs in line with the U.S.. At the beginning of July 2010, Starbucks plans to offer free Wi-Fi in all its stores in the United States through AT & T (AT & T) and information through a partnership with Yahoo (Yahoo!). This is an attempt to be more competitive against local chains that have long offered free Wi-Fi, and against McDonald’s, which began offering free wireless Internet access in 2010. On June 30, 2010, Starbucks has said it will start offering unlimited free Internet access via Wi-Fi to customers in all their companies located in Canada as of July 1, 2010, according to What’s So Special About Starbucks? (2011). Starbucks brand introduced a new line of technologically advanced instant coffee packets called VIA ready boiling instant coffee in March 2009. It was first presented in New York, with subsequent testing of the product, also in Seattle, Chicago and London. Many people could not tell the difference between instant and fresh brewed coffee. Some analysts argue that the introduction of instant coffee, Starbucks would devalue its own brand. After the successful launch of VIA, they offered Italian roast coffee caffeine free and sweetened version called. In October 2010, Starbucks expanded choice of VIA by introducing four new sweetened versions: vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and mocha. With the season in 2010, Starbucks, also introduced and caffeine free Christmas Blend


All in all, Starbucks remains a leading coffee company in the world and each day attracts more and more people to visit their coffee shops. The company is innovative, it has its special culture and atmosphere, it has creative ideas and successful image all over the world. Starbucks coffee is in a great demand, it is valuable and prestigious, which is proven by the leadership of the company and the presence in different countries all over the world.

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