Managing Diversity Essay

Talking about Managing Diversity we should learn a lot of conformed to this theme literature in order to understand all the difficulties.

However, this definition is not new, each of us, at least, once has heard it. Contemporary laws forbid employees’ harassment, discrimination, and persecution for such reasons, like:  age, racial or ethic origin, sexual orientation, religion or belief. Every organization should judge for justice. In my work I am going to appraise the business case of the Managing Diversity. But first of all, let’s say what the Managing Diversity is.

Nowadays the question of diversity became more popular and scientific interests are increased in this way. A big variety of diversity literature is appeared; it contains a few approaches and dilemmas. According to the Gill Kirton’s book, Diversity management is seemed to refer to the planned and systematic organizations’ commitment, which means recruiting and retaining employees from diverse demographic backgrounds. The Chancellor’s Committee on Diversity defines Diversity as: “The variety of experiences and perspective which arise from differences in race, culture, religion, mental or physical ability.” These problems are not touching only upon discrimination but they change the nature and require placed on leadership and management, and bring fame to the diversity conception.

How well or how prepared managers are able to invest in the diversity conception will impact not only on work problems but also on sensitivity to business’ ethical issues, legal compliance, customers’ demand, profitability and social unite.

What the business case for diversity is? It means that organizations that employ a diverse workforce benefit from it, because those companies that have utilize and value such workforce (both men and women, people of different race and generation, religion or belief) are better equipped and informed to understand the demographics of the marketplace it serves and thus this company is more likely to succeed than a company that has limited circle of employee demographics. In compliance with the opinion of Cornelius (et al., 2001), we can name four main organizational benefits. They are: taking preferences of the inequality in the labour market; increasing to maximum potential of employees; managing across borders and cultures; creating and rendering business opportunities and improving creativity.

Diversity is extremely problematic term. As far as I am concerned, the meaning of diversity is various. So, what kind of diversity are organizations, scientists and policy makes talking about, and is their activity in keeping with the right term? To avoid this problem in future some researches divided meanings of diversity into different categories.  First of all, diversity can be used as a description of employee inequality. Such differences are included: social group difference (sexual orientation, gender, disability, age, and race/ethnicity); individual difference (education, lifestyle, appearance, work style, personality). Second Diversity can be understood like organisational policy approach, which means utilising and valuing employees’ inequality. It consist managing diversity and equal opportunities (diversity management, diversity policy). At last third way of understanding diversity is as a conceptual structure. In this approach concept of diversity has a philosophical origin, which is hot the same with the concept of equality. This way of understanding diversity includes the theories of social identity and theories of difference. The fourth one is the understanding diversity as a discursive practise or discourse. It means that workforce diversity can only make higher the organisational success.

What benefits does the diversity bring in the workplace? Diversity is important for the organizations and the members of it too. Diversity brings benefits such as improving of solving the problems and better decision making, greater and more interesting results, finding new ideas, which caused the enhancing of product development, and makes it more successful and let to be useful to all types of customers. For organizations it means having ability to compete in world markets. Diverse organizations are more successful and profitable when they have a normal amount of communication within them. It can be explained by the fact that people from various cultures receive information in messages using different ways. Lack of communication inside the diverse workplace can lead to great challenges.

General presupposition in the diversity literature can be counted the nuance that a diverse workplace promotes individual development and a more job satisfaction. Nowadays effective special programs called diversity programs make possible the improving the quality of the environment on the work and making higher the level of job satisfaction and better working not just of minority but also nonminority stuff. Such contributing programs help organizations use their workers as well as possible.

In conclusion, it will be appropriately to answer the question that nowadays has become very fashionable: is the diversity progressive or retrograde step in our world? I am sure, it is the event which should happened sooner or later, and the question is when. So, this time came.

All the differences between people were systemized and divided into some groups. At last, all information should be put in some order and regulated to bring any use to us. Evidently, this information do her job, people learned how to use it in order to rich aims. Of course this inequality can cause some misunderstandings or argues but it can be helped. Although this problem is regulated by special organizations, sometimes we face with different situations. For example, despite the protection of the law and legislation, about 30,000 women lose their jobs, what is caused by a pregnancy every year without factoring in the economic downturn, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The protection of the law should not give a hope but the confidence that your color of skin, your sexual orientation, your nationality or ethnicity, religion or belief, pregnancy or disability won’t cause to you the deny in the workplace, the discrimination or impairing of your interests and rights. Do each of us, black or white, feel this confidence? I can only say about myself. Unfortunately, I feel it just partly.

The solving of these problems is not emergent, it is only small fails, but they can result in something bigger. Our government should take it in account.

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