We, interior designers have always been concerned with the development of new forms and new techniques which could have made objects more convenient to use, more functional and user-friendly. Since the beginning of our professional education and career, we have learned that functionality and utilitarianism of design should be our primary concerns because objects which are functional and useful are easy to promote and sell. This attitude to design is dominating today and practically all designers maintain this trend because it seems to be truly profitable and rewarding trend in design. Our community of interior designers, and I as its member, is very concerned with the commercialization of the interior design which becomes routine and too practical to remain art.

With a great regret, we notice that the modern design is overwhelmed with business concerns. In fact, the modern design has transformed into a kind of business, where there is no room for art. Modern designers use their professional skills and abilities to produce commodities, but not objects of art. I believe this is a great error and the focus on functionality and commercial effectiveness of design leads to the degradation of design. In such a situation, no benefits can justify the degradation of design since the current commercialization of design can lead to nothing but degradation.

Taking into consideration, dramatic consequences of the current commercialization of design and its degradation as art, we propose to change the attitude to design and return to the original attitude to design as a form of art. In fact, it is the only way, which can lead to the development of new forms and styles in design. Moreover, I am convinced that design cannot progress if functionality and commercial effectiveness are its only priorities.

To change the attitude to design, we need to change our vision of design and its place in modern art. Hence, we, interior designers propose to forget about business aspect of design and start creating works of art and interior is a perfect place to start with.

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