marijuana business plan essay

For my essay paper I chose small company that will function as medical marijuana dispensary. I tried to analyze all the trends for this business and to outline the mission, approximate objectives and possible threats for it.

  1. Organization

I chose Mari Jayne, LLC. Its business is a medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation that will provide patients and club members with a safe and affordable and convenient location to purchase there medicine.

  1. Mission and short vision

At the time of financial crisis governments are thinking about legal marijuana production. It is common knowledge that many people need medical marijuana, but they are obliged to buy it overpriced in black market.

Profits of illegal marijuana trade are not taxable. Since 1978, thirty-six states have enacted some form of medicinal cannabis legislation, most of which has never been operable because of the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Now fourteen states have allowed legal cultivation of marijuana to use it as a physician-recommended form of medicine or herbal therapy. Legal producers or dealers can open workshops and dispensaries for patients and club members. So Mari Jayne will do.

“Our mission is to ensure safe, legal and affordable access to medical marijuana for all patients who are helped by it and are permitted to and choose to use it under the laws of their state.  We also provide the possibility to use marijuana in the comfortable place were medical assistance is possible”.

  1. Remote environment.

Remote environment is the whole set of “ecological, political, social, and technological factors or forces that affect a form’s decision making abilities and freedom, but are beyond its control or influence.” (Business dictionary) I’d like to add macroeconomic factors, because they affect on my business, but they are beyond my control.

Macroeconomic factors are: prime interest rates, inflation rate, the unemployment rate, the rate of economic growth, etc.

Ecological factors are:  climatic, physiographic, edaphic and biotic factors.

Social factors are: beliefs, values, attitudes, opinions, lifestyle choices, etc.

Political factors are: specific policies, programs and laws that directly affect the business.

Technological factors are: tools and advances in the marketplace that help (or hinder) the business.

  1. Three non-economic forces or trends from the remote environment that could affect my business.

a)  Ecological factor. Global warming

As every agricultural producer my company is very aware of rapid climate changes. Global warming as the significant factor of influence is able to change ecosystem in the region of production, for example, it can cause the lack of water. My company can be forced to spend more on watering or to change the region of production, anyway it needs additional expenses.

b)  Political factor. Marijuana criminalization.

From the time of the first ban, the legislation regarding to marijuana production, trade and use changed many times. New legislative changes on federal or state level could make my business, my customers or my production plant illegal.

c)  Social factor. Attitude.

Marijuana was widely demonized in media for a long time. Some people believe that cannabis makes people insane and causes tough addiction, which causes the increase of crime rate.  Negative attitude of local people could prevent my business.

  1. Short macroeconomic forecast.

Marijuana partial legalization has a set of economic advantages. Thus, it allows significant cost reductions on enforcing dope laws, along with total crime rate lowering. Taxation of marijuana at rates comparable to the aggressive levies placed on alcohol and tobacco would run billions annually. It could create new jobs in the US agriculture and service business. That is why I predict the spread of medical marijuana dispensaries network in the USA and in the neighbor Canada. Decriminalization would result in lower production costs as dope farming and processing go mainstream.  FDA, USDA, FTC and other institutions will impose new limits and standards. Competition in this sector will increase. However the growth of demand seems to be insignificant. In decade or two the USA can fill the inner market and start importing marijuana,

6.  Three opportunities and one threat from the forces and trends above.

a) As far as the forecast is clear, it could be profitable to start ASAP. Now this business has the rising trend.

b) In the light of future competition pressure it could make sense to consider some future objectives, for example, cannabis has long been used for fibre (hemp), so I could find the buyer for this raw material.

c) Another objective could be the cooperation with medical centers and creation the center of recreational therapy or another establishment for the members of he club.

d)  The main threat in my future business is the possibility of scurrilous behavior of some customers. Due to marijuana reputation as the drug the only scandal could spoil the reputation of whole business.


I developed the short business-plan for small company in the growing business. I did not mention a lot of small issues regarding the specific features of this business; however I found a lot of useful information. Starting this business I will create more detailed plan on the same scheme.

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