marijuana vs tobacco

Everywhere we hear that marijuana is very harmful and smoking it, we kill ourselves. Still, people do not take into account that tobacco is much more harmful while it is legal and marijuana is illegal. I do not think that it is right.

There are such stereotypes in our minds that marijuana is as bad for health as such heavy drugs as heroin and cocaine but the effects of marijuana are very different. It causes red eyes, slowed reaction, increased appetite and sometimes memory loss. The main reason why it is smoked is the euphoria, which appears in the first minutes of smoking. Long-term effects of marijuana are certainly harmful for health. They are worsening of memory and of mental work. But can we compare these effects of marijuana with the effects of tobacco?

Tobacco does much more harm to human health. Both short-term and long-term effects of tobacco are very bad. At first the arteries narrow, blood pressure increases, heart rate grows. Continuous smoking leads to chronic illnesses of heart and lungs and to cancer. Thus, we see that tobacco kills people and the death rate from this substance is very high while marijuana has not caused a death. Moreover, people who do not smoke cigarettes can also experience harm from nicotine because tobacco is legal and people smoke everywhere.

To make a conclusion, I think that it is necessary to make marijuana legal and to change people’s opinion about it.

The best decision is to prohibit nicotine because it kills people. Maybe it is not possible now but then we should give people a choice. They can choose tobacco, which will cause cancer, or marijuana, which will not harm them as much as tobacco.

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