Market Analysis

Sam Adams is one of the largest brewery in the US. In actuality, attempts to take the leading position in the market and focuses on the large customer group. However, the company attempts to offer the product of high quality to mass customers that is the main strategy of Sam Adams.

In fact, the target market for Sam Adams beer is the large customer group consisting of average consumers of beer, who appreciate the beer of a high quality. In this regard, it should be said that the target customer group of Sam Adams beer is predominantly male and focuses on men of the mid-ages from 30 to 45 and a little bit above.

The company positions its product as the patriotic product brewed specifically to meet tastes of the target customer group. The product is of the high quality but still the product is affordable for mass customers. However, Sam Adams has started to introduce Utopia beer, which belongs to the premium segment of the beer market but this beer was not produced and sold in large quantities compared to traditional beer brewed by Sam Adams.

The price, product, promotion, place of distribution, and advertising depends on the positioning of the product. Sam Adams sets affordable price to make the beer available to average customers. At the same time, Sam Adams often refers to the patriotic background of the brand in terms of its promotional campaigns and advertising. The beer is distributed in the US mainly.
Thus, Sam Adams focuses on the mass customer group and matches its price, promotion, and place of distribution to the position of the product.

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