Marriage and Cheating Essay

Adultery is a problem of contemporary society. According to the latest research the rates of infidelity have grown significantly during the recent time.  I believe that these rates really grew because family values and meaning of marriage have been changed during the recent time.

Family loses its sacred meaning it used to have. People do not care about family values the same way they used to only several decades ago.

This naturally leads to the growth of infidelity. People are not afraid to put their families at risk by starting a love affair.  Another possible explanation is a shift in the attitude to adultery. People do not see adultery like a serious problem any more. Growing rates of adultery in statistic data can also be explained by the fact that more people are ready to confess their infidelity and can report it.

I believe that cheating is a serious problem of our society. It ruins families and spoils relations between people. I think that trust is the basis of any relations. Especially this is true when we speak about family relations. Cheating breaks this trust and, thus, has negative consequences on all further family life. I believe that cheating changes relations forever. If I cheated on the partner I would make everything possible to hide the fact from my partner. I believe that cheating is my mistake and I myself should be responsible for it. I will try to make everything possible not to repeat this mistake in the future. In the same time I would make everything possible in order to protect my partner from the consequences of this cheating and I would make everything possible to hide this fact. Because of the same reasons I do not want to know about the past affair of my partner. If this affair is over and my partner has chosen to save the family I would prefer not to know the facts which can break our trust and spoil relations.

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