MBA application essay

The main reason of my applying for MBA in Marketing in Cal State University Fullerton is that I strongly believe my studying there will contribute significantly to my future career. As I’m eager to become an effective and professional specialist, my main educational objectives are to gain thorough theoretical knowledge of business processes as well as to gain experience of applying them in practice. I believe that my MBA studies will help me to increase my career possibilities, future perspectives and to broaden my creative and organizational abilities.

My desire to pursue graduate or post baccalaureate study evolved from my educational and working experience.

Since I have B.A in Economics and a great experience of attending seminars. My practical experience is also to be mentioned. I worked as an environment, safety and security coordinator, as a client satisfaction officer, sales coordinator, marketing officer, administrator of Internet Café. My main responsibilities were managing showrooms, planning and launching marketing campaigns, solving clients’ problems, preparing evaluation reports, and many other interesting responsibilities.

As a result, I gained a good experience of communicating with people and accomplishing responsible tasks; I acquired good communication skills, ability to work under pressure, powers of endurance. I developed my skills of organizing, planning and launching different projects.

You know, I feel I have a potential ”“ intellectual, leadership, I’m full of ideas that I’d like to realize in future. I have quite a good level of erudition, critical thinking; besides I’m in a constant process of developing, learning, improving my capacities and mastering my knowledge. I’m open for new knowledge that I hope to gain in Cal State University Fullerton. I believe that I will be able to find my place in the business world.

My career goals are to be an effective, successful member of a marketing team, to work out interesting, creative projects, to understand and orientate well in the business environment, to deal with different kinds of people. Being a student of your University, I will be able to master modern business processes, tendencies, laws, to learn norms of business communication and problem-solving processes.

I strongly believe that I will be able to realize all my ideas and plans studying at Cal State University Fullerton, and that I will be able to exchange knowledge and experience with other people. I suppose that studying at your University will be a great incitement to my future career.

High quality, moral and ethical standards are of great value for me while accomplishing my projects and interacting with peoples.

I will be able to send a resume and/or letters of reference if it is requested.

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