McDonalds essay

Have you ever thought why fast food restaurants have become so popular among people? The pace of our life increases every day. The more we are busy the less time we have to eat. The owners of fast-food restaurants have taken up their option and started to provide the population with tasty, fast and cheap food. It has become very convenient for us but has it become useful for us?

Today there are many complaints about the harm brought by fast food. Indeed, different kinds of research showed that this food cannot be called dietary and moreover it contains a large quantity of fat (Center for Young Women’s Health). With the emergence of such statements in mass-media, people decided to blame fast food restaurants in their obesity and earn money on this. Lately McDonalds have faced several lawsuits from people with claims of being harmful for human health. Are these lawsuits justified and is it really fair to blame McDonalds for selling unhealthy food while the supermarkets are full of products that in large quantities are also harmful?

It seems that those people who sue McDonalds are either absolutely silly or try to pass for such. Food saturated with fat, no matter cooked at home, bought in McDonalds or somewhere else, is not healthy for a human organism. Consumption of large amounts of fatty food will lead to obesity and if people do not know it, it is rather their own fault. The fast food restaurant cannot be either charged with the irresponsibility of parents, who allow their children to eat in McDonalds several times a day instead of cooking healthy meals at home.

Last year several obese teenagers together with their parents sued McDonalds for the development of diabetes. The mother of Gregory Rhymes, a fifteen-year-old boy, claimed that she never thought that food in McDonalds could be harmful and therefore she allowed him to eat there every day for about nine years (Reiland). However, this seems rather ridiculous. It is clear that Gregory has not become obese in a night. Any caring mother, having noticed her son becoming fat, would think about the reasons of her son’s changed condition of health.

I am absolutely sure that the main fault in the worsening of children’s health lies on their parents, who did not care about their children. To justify McDonalds we can give the following arguments.

Firstly, in the majority of McDonalds restaurants there is always a table of calories, which is available to everybody and is usually on the walls. However, if you do not see it, you can ask for it and the workers in the restaurant will give it to you. Thus, if you are worried about your health and take care of the consumed calories, in McDonalds you can get the necessary information.

Secondly, it is not the fat that is harmful for the organism, but its quantity. Nowadays there is a strong opinion that cholesterol is harmful for our organism, and together with other fats, it contributes to the gaining of weight. Therefore, those people who are worried about their weigh might decide to refuse from any dietary fats in order to improve their health. However, elimination of fats from the food is not the way to good health. Cholesterol is indispensable for our organisms. It takes part in many processes in the body, including forming of cell membranes and hormones. It gives us energy, carries vitamins and regulates the temperature of the body. Concerning health problems caused by cholesterol, it is necessary to realize that they are caused not by the presence of cholesterol in organism, but by its excess. The next argument goes from this fact.

McDonalds is called a fast food restaurant and is supposed for snacks but not for the regular meals. Initially, McDonalds is a place where one can eat if he does not have time to have a complete meal of several courses. It is a place for travelers, for busy people, in other words for those who cannot afford going to an expensive restaurant but want to have a snack. Certainly, if people decide to eat regularly there, no McDonalds’ worker would show them the door. It is the choice of a person whether to eat constantly in McDonalds or to have healthier and more balanced meals somewhere else. In case, if a child, attracted by the taste of food in McDonalds, starts eating there every day, it is his parents’ responsibility to bother about his diet. Besides, fattening food can be bought in any supermarket and other fast food restaurants, except McDonalds. It is the peculiarity of our today’s world that we are offered fattening and often unhealthy food as a way to satisfy our hunger.

To make a conclusion, it is obvious that nowadays a great amount of fattening food is sold. And very often not wanting to search for any alternative we choose fast food as the quickest and the cheapest way to have a snack. Many of us eat there regularly. However, it is our responsibility. The fault for spoilt health lies on us as we decide what to eat. Therefore, all suits against McDonalds are not justified, as this company does not conceal how many calories its food contains. Choosing fast food as our main meals we condemn ourselves to future health problems. If a person does not understand it, nobody can be blamed.

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