Media law essay paper

The specificity of any method of advertising from the standpoint of law comes down to the fact that it is possible to clearly identify, where advertising starts and ends. However, it is almost impossible to identify pure advertising in case of integration of marketing communication into the media product.

In any case, product placement or branded content successfully integrated into the media content, but aiming to promote a product or brand at the market, factually represent advertising. If the law on advertising is changed, all the norms of law could be applied to the marketing content integrated into film, television shows, etc. in order if not to separate but at least make this content clearly identified and recognizable.

State control in the field of advertising should be carried out by the federal antimonopoly authority and its territorial bodies, whose responsibilities include: prevention and suppression of evidence of improper advertising by legal entities and physical persons; forwarding advertisers, advertisement producers and advertisement distributors orders on stopping violation of advertising legislation, etc.. The main task of such control is the prevention of facts of inappropriate advertising (Hackley 2008).

In addition, self-regulatory bodies in the sphere of advertising (community organizations (associations), associations and unions of legal entities) should be involved in designing requirements for integrated advertising, in independent review processes and monitoring of advertising. These bodies may sue in court in the interests of consumers of advertising (including the unlimited range of advertising consumers) in the case of violation of their rights under the law on advertising.

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