Medical School Admission Essay Paper

I strongly believe that there is nothing more precious in our life than health. This is probably why I always dreamed of being a physician and help people to cure their illnesses. However, I cannot say that this decision was taken only due to my internal inclinations, but it was influenced by my parents. My mother has been working in health care system for all her professional career, while my father always wanted me to be a physician. Nevertheless, it was my conscious decision to become a decision.

In this respect, I should say that as a physician I will have not only an excellent opportunity to help people and save lives of my patients, but I am conscious of my great responsibility for the health of people for whom I can be the last chance to cure their diseases. In fact, I believe that helping people is one of the major goal of a physician as well as any other health care professional. This is why I hope to get professional education to make my life really purposeful and useful for other people.

In fact, I have already got extensive experience in the field of health care services. I believe that my experience can very useful, especially in the contemporary multicultural environment. I have bachelor degree in public health and I served as a public health officer in Ethiopia  for six months. It was a very important experience due to which I have learned how to work in a different cultural environment. Moreover, I have been working as a Certified Nurse Assistant for last five years in the USA, where I also acquired a valuable experience of work in a multicultural environment.

Thus, due to my internal inclinations and professional experience, I believe I am able to succeed and become a physician.

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