Meeting Announcement essay paper

Our team is working on a new project but the current performance is far from perfect. In actuality, we are working on the project to complete the animation film ordered by ABC Company. I conducted the in-depth analysis of the performance of our team and I arrived to the conclusion that the results of our work are dissatisfactory.

I highly appreciate the cooperation of all team members because the team members contribute to the overall team performance. I am aware of the fact that each team member does his or her best to contribute to the overall success of our team. However, still we have substantial problems and the project is still incomplete.

On analyzing reasons for the problem our team has, I have identified several major reasons. First, we have poor communication because each team member works on his or her part of the project. Second, our team meets once in two weeks that is apparently not enough for the effective communication. Third, we have to speed up our work on the project.

To tackle the aforementioned problems, I appointed the meeting of our creative team on August 10, 2011, at 9.00 a.m. in my office. All team members should arrive in time and come prepared to present his or her part of the project ready to be integrated into the group work. I would highly appreciate your creative work and hope that the meeting will help us to discuss our problems and elaborate strategies and decisions that enhance our close cooperation within the team.

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