Reason for the Memo:
This memo addresses the issue concerning genetic testing for insurance and employment and presents some recommendations to Supervisor.
Main body:
I’d like to represent some information concerning genetic testing for insurance and employment. I think this method has a lot of advantages and is worth being implemented in our organization. I am sure that you will be satisfied with my proposed resolution.

It is known that nowadays much attention is paid to genetic testing which makes it possible to understand better health problems and to prevent different diseases.
Genetic testing will also help any individual to identify many genetic disorders. (McHugh & Wright)

Background and introductory material

Genetic testing is a so called medical test which estimates different changes in chromosomes and genes. Testing helps to find out those changes which are connected with inherited disorders. The results of any genetic testing are very important in making decision concerning this or that genetic disorder. Such kind of testing is absolutely voluntary. Of course, genetic testing has both advantages and drawbacks. That is why it is necessary to consult a genetic counselor and to get useful information in order to know pros and cons of this procedure. (Genetic Home Reference, 2011)

It is known that present day health system is not affordable to every citizen of our country that is why genetic testing is a problematic method of finding out health disorders. Of course, this issue requires certain measures to be taken by the government in order to make genetic testing available for all the citizens of the United States.
Genetic testing has a lot of benefits:

Ӣ this type of testing promotes further development of biological sciences and genetic technologies.
Ӣ Genetic testing has a chance to change medicine and to predict a lot of diseases.
Ӣ Genetic testing will help the individual to avoid psychological stress which is caused by the inheritance of various diseases including cancer and other dangerous diseases. (Norrgard)
Genetic testing in Insurance

Health insurance plays an important role in the life of any American. Due to the intensive development of genomics and the use of genetic testing, insurance companies are interested in conducting genetic testing. A lot of questions concerning health coverage will be solved if genetic testing is an obligatory procedure. That is why insurance companies are interested in obtaining information concerning genetic testing of their clients. It is clear that negative results of genetic testing are very important for insurance companies because they can made the individual who has negative results of genetic testing to buy more insurance costs. They do not want to threaten the financial stability of their insurance company.

Many people in the USA are not satisfied with the requirement of insurance companies to get all the information concerning genetic testing of their clients. They are afraid of discrimination, loss of employment and different privacy issues. Genetic testing has a great power over an individual because it is connected not only with medicine but also with society. (McHugh & Wright)

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