Mental health is less important than physical health

In our society, there sometimes seems to be a belief that “mental health is less important than physical health”¯. I would like to disagree with this statement. Mental health – is a state of being, where people can realize their potential and as well, can cope with normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, and to contribute to his or her community, as described in How to Have Good Mental Health? In my opinion, mental health is even more important than physical one. Everybody knows a saying: all diseases are from nerves. Scientists have proven that when a human is in a good mood – his immune system is better resists viruses.

I agree that in our society there is a stigma regarding mental health. Very often I met the people who were not pleased with their work, their salary or their status and everybody thinks that it is normal. “You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do”¯ ”“ I think it is wrong, we ourselves create our destiny and determine what to do. I think this sort of stigma exists in other cultures. Modern world is global, that is why sick thoughts spread everywhere.

I strongly believe that mental and physical wellness is connected. There must be mental and physical harmony inside us; the body will answer you if your mind is clear, if you have positive thoughts. I think government should create some health care campaigns, where a healthy lifestyle will be promoted. Moreover, I can offer a slogan of such campaign: “in a healthy body ”“ is a healthy mind”¯.

Answering the question how can we ensure that people who need mental health treatment have access to it, I think we should create hotline. This way, people, experiencing depression or severe stress, could call and get professional assistance free of charge.

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