Mobile phones and Mobile applications esssy

Nowadays, mobile application development has a lot of perspectives for the future in technological industry. People are fascinated by modern mobile applications and are waiting for new technological inventions. Today, mobile applications development is rather fashionable. Android is highly appreciated among advanced devices. It assists in the development of companies related to mobile application development. Android application development is intended for Android smart phones and other devices, which are often used in such spheres as communication, business and multi-media (Hosbond et al., 2004). Developers of Android applications value the needs and wishes of every client. They have already made a considerable contribution into the development of mobile industry.

The programming of Android mobile applications is usually performed with the help of already existing mobile application development known as SDK or Software Development Kit. Although SDK prescriptions and certain technical reports are sufficient for the development of mobile applications, the expertise of Android developers is also an important part in this sphere.

Android mobile applications include the following:

-      Google SDK

-      Location-based service APIs

-      Wi-Fi APIs

-      Android security architecture

-      Android Media APIs

-      Java programming language

-      Accelerometer, etc. (Mazumder, 2010).

Customer service is an important factor in further development of mobile applications. It became easier to offer good customer service with the growth of Google capabilities, such as a complete set of SDK which was first intended for Windows and then spread to Mac OSX and Linux. Google has also offered the complete technical literature and manuals, dealing with such questions as what exactly Android is and what its applications represent. It is hard to imagine perspectives of Android mobile application development without a professional service provided by the company.

Mobile applications have a long history. They have developed from usual house phones to car phones and modern mobile devices which enable people to check their e-mails, watch movies. Nowadays, mobile phones also have a function of video chat. The fast development of various mobile applications may be explained by several factors, which include:

-      The development of the mobile network infrastructure

-      Strong need in new mobile applications and services

-      A well-developed mobile hardware, etc. (Dawson, 2011).

Mobile applications were primarily intended for general use of such functions as calculator, notes and calendars. Owing the development of networking, mobile applications are now based on web. There are several types of mobile applications, such as leisure-based and social networking-based ones. Applications provide an ability to have all needed information in a single mobile phone. With the help of a mobile phone people nowadays have an opportunity to check their bank accounts as well as find the location of their friends and relatives.

There are five major companies that dominate in the market of mobile applications development. An important place is occupied by Android. In Great Britain it becomes normal that people can talk to friends, send messages and record their own thoughts by using one single device. Nowadays, it became possible for people to not only take pictures on their mobile phones but also send them to their friends all over the world by using social networking or web.

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