Motivation of international employees and effective communication

Without a doubt any HR specialist that aims to succeed in the international environment has to be capable to adopt cultural sensitivity. Speaking simply, cultural sensitivity it is an ability to accept other cultures.

The knowledge about the cultural differences is an inevitable part of cultural sensitivity, because it provides the understanding what’s acceptable and what’s rude for a representative of each culture.  So, cultural sensitivity is understanding, accepting, and also awareness that cultural characteristics may affect the work relationship and the process of communication. Cultural sensitivity includes the understanding of traditions of other people, their way of living and beliefs, and excludes any prejudices and preconceptions that may be applied towards other cultures.  It should be added that the failure in cultural sensitivity may result in loss of the clients, market share, sales, and profits and finally, company’s reputation. The major skills that are needed to work with individuals with cultural differences are flexibility, ability to listen and hear others and personal commitment. An organization culture that supports flexibility is necessary so that HR specialists can manage effectively in a diverse environment. (Tayeb, 2005)

1. Motivation of international employees and effective communication

As any other HR specialist, international HR has to handle the issues of motivation, satisfaction in the workplace, communication, productivity and studies of organizational conflicts. As for the effective communication, it’s an essential part of any business activity. Basically it’s a tool that helps to succeed in relationships. This subsequently (although not in a direct way) results in the increase of team productivity by empowering employees. Information affects people’s feelings of certainty about what they do, what others expect them to do, and the effects of their efforts toward satisfying goals personal and corporate.

HR manager that operates on the international level/ in another country has to remember that effective communication helps to avoid and resolve organizational conflicts. Clearly, organizations with effective communication enjoy a healthy and growing organizational culture where the employees feel respected and understood and thus the performance of such organization is at a high level.

In order to increase the productivity and keep the staff, the motivation should be used. Motivation depends on the organizational tasks and goals. But in any case, studies show that it really helps to improve the results of work no matter what your industry is. Motivation relates to the following elements: work achievement, recognition, comfortable work environment, and also self-growth and self-motivation.

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