MS LPC essay

The aging increases the needs of elderly people in support and care because they cannot afford maintaining their traditional lifestyle they got used to in their youth and midlife. In such a situation, both Carl and Estrella do need the support either from the part of their children or from the part of a nurse. In this respect, Estrella needs a particular attention from the part of her relatives and health care professionals (Stuart-Hamilton, 2006). In fact, the family needs to employ a nurse to take a professional care of Estrella. This will help Carl to cope with his psychological problems, which may outgrow into a depression. The nurse will provide Estrella with essential health care services and Carl will get more time to lead the lifestyle he got used to. At the same time, Carl will be certain in the professional work of the nurse (Schulz & Heckhausen, 1996). Hence, he will not worry constantly about Estrella’s needs and her current condition. On the other hand, both Carl and Estrella do need the support from the part of their children. Children should call on their parents regularly to show their care and attention to their parents. In such a way, they will support both Carl and Estrella, who are likely to appreciate such care and attention. Children are likely to be supportive.

Obviously, such assignments are very important because they help to understand actual needs of elderly people and develop possible solutions to their problems.

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