My best friend

Christian Martinez, one of my best friends and a fellow teammate, has faced more difficulties than anyone I know.  The lower class family adopted Christian at a very young age. He has two stepbrothers and a sister. Christian never really got the care and attention he needed as a child and this rough childhood has influenced his personality and his life views. Christian would love to attend college but he does not have confidence in himself. When he studied at the high school he hoped to get a scholarship for Track & Field, and in order to achieve his goal he diverted tremendous amount of time and effort away from academics, to Track and Field. His decision to base his life around Track and field resulted in low grades on all study subjects. Christian grew up in a lower class family. That is why Christian believes that even if he gets into college, there is no way he would be able to pay his tuition.


I believe Christian should attend college because he works hard to achieve his goals and he is a very clever person. I hope that if he regains the faith in his forces he will be able to show high study results.
 At the age of 16 Christian lost his mother.  Because of this tragic event he had no opportunity to attend Track and Field practices, which was one of his only opportunity to enter college. To help Christian in achieving his dream of attending college and not let him lose one of his favorite hobbies, I provided him with transportation to and back from practices throughout the Track and Field and the Cross-country seasons. This simple act of kindness has brought me and Christian closer. This also gave him an opportunity to attend college. Along with helping Christian resolve the transportation problem, I have tutored him several times for various classes to help him improve his grades. Christian's grades were the biggest obstacle preventing Christian from being able to attend College. As a sophomore, Christian had poor grades on Biology, one of my favorite subjects. One day after practice he walked up to me and said, “Hey man, I have my biology final tomorrow, Is there any way you could help me study? I need a good grade on this.” Without skipping a beat I said, “Yes.” After spending about 2 hours with him, he was comfortable with the material that we had covered. On the day Christian got his report card, he walked up to me with a big grin on his face, and told me “I got a B on my final!” This grade helped Christian pass one of his hardest classes.

Christian is one of the kindest people I know, and I would love him to graduate the college. I really believe he deserves this. Christian just needs some of the basic opportunities that many people take for granted. I have tried my best to help Christian achieve his goals and hopefully by the time he graduates he will have the necessary requirements to turn his dream of attending college into reality.

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