My Horse essay

I always liked animals and I dreamed of having a horse because I admired with the natural beauty of horses. Eventually, my father made me happy when he bought me a horse and it was probably the greatest present I had ever had in my life. Frankly speaking, I did not expect my father would buy me a horse not just because a horse cost a lot of money, but also and mainly because it was a great responsibility to take of a horse. However, my father was conscious of the fact that I am responsible person and, by the time he bought me a horse, I had learned a lot about these animals. So, I was prepared to such a present and I could hardly express my feelings and emotions that overwhelmed me, when I first saw my horse. I could not believe my eyes that the horse was mine. Nevertheless, when I coped with my emotions, I wanted to express my gratitude to my father but, judging by his face, I understood that he perfectly understood my feelings and emotions and it was needless to say anything.

When I recall that time, I grew aware that it was very important for me to have the horse. I called him Bucephalus. My parents and my friends were surprised so much, when I told them this name, but I chose this name on purpose because this was the name of the horse of Alexander the Great, a person, whom I admired in my childhood as well as I admire him today. Probably, it is due to stories about Alexander the Great told me by my grandpa, I grew so interested in horses, because their devotedness to people was really admirable. For instance, my grandpa told me that story, when Alexander’s horse saved his life in the battle and, frankly speaking, I always dreamed of having such a horse, whom I could entrust my life.

At the same time, my Bucephalus proved to be a very good and devoted animal. In fact, I can compared him to a human being. At any rate, he was so human that I wandered whether there were any genetic connection between horses and humans. For instance, I fed him he was just like a child. People, who had never had horses would never believe me, but I can tell you that horses do have emotions and feelings as humans do. At any rate, I can make such a conclusion judging my Bucephalus. Once, I left him for a couple of week, when I traveled abroad.

It was a hard time for me because I was anxious about my horse. I got used to take care of him and I could not fully rely on any person but myself in this regard. When I returned, my father told me that Bucephalus had not been eating for three days after my departure and I had noticed that after two weeks he was in quite a bad shape compared to the time when I had left him. Moreover, I do not know how, but he knew that I came even before he could see me and, it seemed to me, he was as glad to see me again as I was.

So, it was a really experience for me and I will never forget my horse.

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