My Own Concept of Religion Essay Paper

My own concept of religion is based on the fact that if we unite religion and science we will benefic greatly. There is a stereotype that science and religion seem to have nothing or very little in common. Science is a precise disciple, which relies on precise knowledge and facts. Religion is a system of beliefs, mostly based on the blind following some ideas, taking them for granted. Religion does not let any hesitation and demands a blind faith and obedience. Science believes nothing without proofs and makes any conclusions only based on the experience. It seems like there is nothing in common between these two so different spheres of human existence, but we can find one similarity, which unites them.

Both, science and religion try to find the answers to the ontological questions of our existence. Though using diametrically opposed approaches, both science and religion try to give the answers to the main question of human existence. They have much more in common, than we can imagine. Correlation between science and religion was very different during the different periods of human history, but in my paper I would like to focus on the points, which unite them and prove their common origins.


More and more people of science turn their eyes to religion in the search of the answers for the eternal ethical and moral questions. None of the sciences can provide all the answers to the eternal questions, but more and more religious doctrines find scientific proofs with the flow of time. Nowadays, physicians put forward an idea that Universe may have a vibratory nature and consist of light and vibrations, which compose all material objects of the world. Even not proved, this theory got a lot of followers, but these facts were put in the origin of oriental religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism many centuries ago.

Religion deepens inside the inner world of the person, counting on emotions. Science makes an attempt to quantify and structure the outside world and give rational explanations to everything. It is not possible to say what’s more useful science and religion. They are just different. We can not choose one of them, same as we can not choose one hand either left or right. We need both to function normally and same can be referred to science and religion. We need the priceless religious heritage and newest technological advances and only their harmonic combination can provide harmonic human existence. There was no separation between them from the very beginning, it’s quite possible to reach consensus and understand now, when the years of progress made us wiser and more tolerant. I think this is quite possible if both sides scientists and theologians will be looking for the ways to integration.

Sometimes it seems that scientists and theologians work and live in two different universes. They use different methods in their researches, count on different data and make different conclusions. Scientists count on experimentation, sweeping away all unverified and unproved concepts. Theologians recognize the existence of unexplainable and immeasurable in the world and use the category of intuitive knowledge or insight and faith. These two spheres of human existence were realized through different correlation during the human history, such as conflict, ignoring, dialog and integration. I agree with Ian Barbour that last approach called integration can be the most profitable for the whole mankind. Scientific approach is materialistic and rational. Religious one is irrational and spiritual. Their combination gives a perfect whole.

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