My trip to Aruba essay

Sitting in a comfortable armchair in the airplane near the window I could see a long turquoise blue surface of the water and a smooth line of the seaside. I understood that in a few minutes I would come down to the unbelievably charmingAruba.

One can hardly believe his eyes seeing calmCaribbeanwater and green desert cactus. Lounging on the soft white sand, I could see the clear waters stretching out and deepening to an azure blue far away at the horizon. I could hear monotonous sounds of the water’s ebb; feel the warm touch of an ever-present sun and the caress of a soft wind blowing slowly to my body. The every single moment was exiting. Just imagine that as soon as you think of some kind of drink, you are served immediately by a polite waitress.

It was really amazing to watch how that quietness and peacefulness were disappearing little by little, along with the sun setting down slowly. The relaxing atmosphere was changing gradually to the exciting one, as soon as you were coming in to the casino.Aruba’s casino scene splits with hope for success and delight as bells ring out with each win and where dynamic crowds filled in each game table. The most interesting thing is that every person from an amateur up to casual veteran gamblers could find a place where to spend their time. “Whether pursuing luck with a roll of the dice or a spin of the roulette wheel, the casino’s carnival-like atmosphere of colorful lights and constant sound and motion provides unforgettable thrills”ť (Official Site of  Aruba).

This place is for sure the best one in the whole world to spend a vacation there. It is obvious that the time flies much faster when you enjoy doing something. Thus, I was back to the plane almost with the tears on my eyes but with the tremendous hope to return toArubain the nearest future.

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