Myth about Invention of Time essay

Long, long time ago, when the earth and heaven were not separated from each other and were swimming in the bottomless sea of Eternity, when people were Gods and Gods were people happened this story. There lived a young God named Eterneus. In contrast to most Gods, who possessed their important functions and special skills, Eterneus could not do anything special. He remembers the words of his mother that he had very special abilities, which would be awoken when the time comes, but did not pay much attention to these words. The phrases “when the time comes”¯ did not mean anything for Eterneus and it can be quite understandable because there was no time for him. He spent days and nights with his friends, enjoying his life. Words “days and nights”¯ can be used for the times described only conditionally. In reality there were no real division for days and nights during that time because the time itself did not exist. People lived out of time and inside of it at the same time. There did not exist such things as past, present or future. Time was another dimension of their reality, such as height, length and width. From the point where a god was situated he could choose to move any time he wished. These gods knew no regret or sorrow. Each nice moment they could experience for many times and each unpleasant things they quickly passed placing themselves to other time. Experience of past, present and future was available for them during any moment, though there was not “any”¯ moment for them. They all lived in one moment, and this moment included all.

Once Eterneus met Aquania. He was stunned by the beauty and charm of a young goddess. Aquanita, daughter of powerful god Oceanus, was the goddess of water. She spent her days caring for small brooks and rivers and protecting them from drought. She was famous for her kind heart and tender voice. Flying from one brook to another she was always singing something joyful and nice. She spoke with brooks, asked about their troubles and always helped them. All gods and goddesses loved her for her good temper. Eterneus fell in love with Aquania but she was indifferent to him. Eterneus was a light-hearted young god and she did not perceive his feelings seriously. Eterneus was furious with her indifference but at the same time he could not stop thinking about her. He started following her.

At first he could not understand why she cares about these useless little brooks. Aquania explained him that these brooks outfall into rivers, rivers into seas and seas into oceans. They give birth to all plants on the earth and it is due to them our earth is so green and beautiful. For the first time Eterneus became thoughtful: he realized that there was something more important than his plays. From that very moment he started helping Aquania: he directed naughty brooks in the necessary directions, helped weak brooks to survive and cleaned rivers. Aquanita could not be now indifferent to him. Every day her heart started beating more intensively when she saw him. She was in love with him.

From that time nobody could see Eternius and Aquania apart. They smiled, sang, danced and helped brooks and rivers together. They were the happiest pair in the world and all gods started smiling when they saw this tender loving couple. Only Oceanus, Aquanita’s father, could not share common joy. Aquania was his only daughter and he worried about her very much. He knew that Eterneus was a light-hearted god and could not believe in his seriousness. He wanted to depart two loving persons. He gave Aquania a very difficult task: he would take her to another end of the earth, she would not see Eterneus and if they both bore their depart he would give his consent for their marriage. Father was sure that Aquania would soon forget this young god.

Eterneus was sad, he did not want to part with Aquania even for a moment but Aquania was encouraged by her father’s promise. She calmed Eterneus, asked to believe in their love and promised to return soon. Eterneus prepared for this difficult test. He promised Aquania that he was able to wait for her for the eternity. He continued helping brooks but everything reminded him about Aquania. He could not stop thinking of her even for a single moment. He was in despair and could not calm his heart. Suddenly he had a wonderful thought ”“ he decided to invent time and in such a way he would know exactly how long he should wait for his beloved. Only then he remembered his mother’s words about his unique abilities. In that very moment the dimention of time was invented now days was followed by nights and the sun was changed by the moon in the sky. Eterneus found Oceanus and asked him: “How long should I wait for my beloved Aquania?”¯ Oceanus was surprised by the god’s persistence but still was not sure in his seriousness and answered: “For one year.”¯ Eterneus knew that it was very long but now he could count every day and it only made his love stronger.

Everyday seeing the sun appearing on the horizon he started thinking about his Aquania and stopped thinking about her only late in the night when the moon and starts were shining in the sky. He counted every day and became happier and happier because the time of their meeting was approaching. At last the year passed and Aquania returned home. They were so glad to see each other that decided to marry as soon as possible. Eterneus and Aquania became the happiest family among all gods and soon they brought to the world a wonderful son ”“ Tempus. Father gave his son his own duties ”“ to control time in the world.

Eterneus, God of eternity, invented the dimension of time in those times when there no borders between the sky and the sun, when gods were people and people were gods in order to bring meeting with his beloved Aquania closer and he was praised for his invention ”“ after a year he saw his beloved again and they god married. Now Tempus, their strong, noble and generous son, controls time. It is he how allows people in love to enjoy moments of love, due to him people and gods forget evil and remember good. In the moments of happiness time stands still and in the moments of disappointments and obstacles time passes quickly. God Tempus fulfils his obligations very carefully and thoroughly in the name of the eternal love between his father, Eterteneus, and his mother, Aquania.

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