Nestle Manager Essay Paper

Creation of a healthy product is very important nowadays, as there is a tendency to the healthy lifestyle, of quality goods, of alternative solutions that will contribute to the improvement of the nutrition. Corporations have to think of the new ways to meet the needs of people. There are still many opportunities in the niches in the sphere of nutrition.

If I had to create a healthy product, I would create organic juice. I think that there is no organic juice that is useful and unique. In my opinion, the society needs quality organic products that will be of a high quality and that will have positive feedback. People’s reaction is the most important judgment, and that is why I would like to create an organic juice that will have appropriate certificates of its quality, the best fruits and vegetable used in the clearest environment. The organic juice full of vitamins will be evaluated and I hope that it will have a success on the market.

Healthy products will have more success in the future, as there is an active propaganda of the healthy lifestyle, of healthy nutrition and of doing sports. People start consuming more organic food, as today many people understand the importance of the healthy food, of the certain lifestyle and of the difference between many products that should not be consumed and eaten. Some people can buy expensive products, only organic, and they appreciate this. But people who are not rich, sometimes do not consider it important to eat healthy. That is why, considering this problem, Nestle is going to create and organic juice available for all. The juice will have a high quality, it will be organic and it will have a price that will be affordable for millions of people. I think that the products that are affordable and that have the highest quality on the market will be the most eligible by the consumers.  That is why, Nestle is proud to announce the new product- an affordable organic juice.

2) Who would you market your product to? Why?

Health management has to be effective and there have to be implemented new ways of PR and of presenting the new or updated kinds of products. The organic juice will be useful for everyone- for children and adults, as it will contain the most useful microelements and vitamins essential for people’s health. Nowadays there are many factors and food of a low quality that is frequently consumed by people. Consequently, this way of life should be changed, and I would like to offer to start changing it from the organic juice from Nestle. The fruits and vegetables that will be used to create the juice will be taken from the countries with the best ecological situation, from the cleanest regions of the countries in the world. I presume that adults will be interested in the product because they care about their health, they also have children who need to get vitamins, and the organic juice can provide them with it. I have researched the reports and the feedback considering the products that were considered as the lack on the market. Among them were the organic juices of a high quality. Children need this kind of product, as well and adults and old people, and this kind of product is also needed in the everyday life.

3) How would you market the product? Give examples and detail. This class is basic marketing, so use the marketing mix; you can use S.W.O.T analysis.

Nowadays there is a tendency to consume everything organic. By implementing such technologies, people can get better products, have better and improved health and feel great. By changing the habits of the consumer, Nestle and its organic juice will help to make this change much easier. The promotion of a new product will be possible with the marketing mix. With the help of product, price, promotion and place. As a marketing manager, I would like to take a certain risk considering the creation and promotion of a new product. It is a considerable responsibility to be involved in such responsible process, which outcome has to become successful on the market.

All elements of the marketing mix are interconnected and complex evaluation of the organic juice is the choice for all components of the complex. Each element contains its own set of measures which form the relevant policies in a complex marketing. The relative importance of each individual element of marketing depends on various factors such as organization type, type of product, consumer behavior, which will be evaluated and researched. The optimal marketing mix is a combination of marketing tools, which provides for achieving the outlined goals of rational use of available marketing budget. The relative importance of each individual element of marketing depends on various factors such as organization type, type of product, consumer behavior.

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