New England Renaissance essay

Introduction of the main character going to a castle as a typical attribute of gothic setting

Flashback the main character recollects what brought him to the place

The unexpected encounter of the main character with a peasant

The conversation and warning about the mysterious thing that occur in the castle

The main character comes to the castle in hope to clear the situation up


The sun was setting and its last beams were dissolving in the twilights that grew fast. A man in a dark suit went lonely. He could hardly distinguish the path that seemed to be endless. He has been walking for about an hour and gradually he felt as he grew more and more tired. The way to the Castle was not easy since it was situated practically on the top of the mountain where he now paved his way practically through the bushes and trees. A couple of days ago he received a strange letter without a sign. The person who had written the letter asked him to come to this castle. In all probability, this was really important to this person whatever he was, or probably she.

“Never mind, – he thought, – I am a doctor and if someone needs my help its my duty to do my best. The letter read that I am the only person who could help and, if I failed to come, some Ms. Wolves would die. Strangely, why didn’t they call on a doctor nearby and sent for me for a fifty miles away as if I am the only doctor that can cure a patient.

And this man that brought the letter. He wasn’t very talkative. As the matter of fact, he didn’t say a word and he didn’t even take the tips but just gave the letter as if it was burning his hand and practically ran away”.

Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by a sudden noise he heard somewhere in front of him. He could not see well because of the growing darkness and bushes that were ahead but he could distinguish some figure. “Another lonely wonderer?” he asked himself feeling a bit uncomfortable since the figure barely moved and it seemed as if that man had just stopped and listened carefully to the slightest noises that the cold but light wind brought to him. The doctor made a few steps more and finally saw that it was some peasant who apprehensively looked back.

“Good evening,” ”“ said the doctor greeting the peasant.

However, he did not receive a response at once. He noticed that the peasant was quite surprised to hear the greeting from him.

“G-Good evening, Sir,” ”“ finally muttered the man as if he was bewildered that he could meet someone here.

“Could you tell me how far is the Castle?” ”“ asked the doctor.

“The Castle?”, – the bewilderment of the peasant grew into shock.

“Yes, the Castle. I am a doctor and I was called by some Ms. Wolves who is probably seriously ill.” ”“ started to explain the lonely wonderer.

“I wished she died” ”“ whispered the peasant and say aloud ”“ “You’d better go there tomorrow, if you want to go there at all. Anyway, it’s about half of a mile”.

“Thank you, but why shouldn’t I’ve one there?” ”“ asked the doctor.

“Nobody goes there at night.”

“But why?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have time to talk. It’s getting darker” ”“ said the peasant and moved hastily ahead moving away from the Castle.

“Definitely, it’s a strange place and a strange man” thought the doctor, but still he didn’t turn away and continued his way to the unknown place which was so remote from civilization or better to say abandoned. Even the path he went was practically covered with some plants and bushes as if no one went this way.

After the encounter with the peasant, the doctor felt really uncomfortable but his rationalism rejected all apprehensions and he boldly continued his way. In twenty minutes he arrived to the Castle and saw that it was practically hidden in the darkness. It was so huge and dark that he couldn’t even distinguish the top of its towers. As he entered inside he suddenly heard a rusty voice saying: “Welcome, Mr. Smith. We’ve been waiting for you so long”.

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