non-profit organization essay

The responsible management of non-profit organization   includes the regulation of the flow of funds. I’d like to dwell on a question of incoming funds.

Every charity relies on donors and their donations. The recent study of Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University reprinted on the Web site of “Charity Navigator” shows the dependence of donor motivations for giving on their income and education.

Robert Kissane, President of CCS, said that nonprofit organizations should personalize messaging to prospective donors. Usually the higher income and higher education level associates with “greater likelihood of giving to charity and with higher average gift amounts” (Charity, 2009) The objectives of giving often vary because donors are individuals, therefore the strategies for engagement needs to take into account the objectives of particular constituency. “Today’s donors want to make a difference, see real impact, and understand the return on investment of their gifts.” (Charity, 2009)

The most important finding of the study is the different motivations of donors from different income groups. Thus, the donors in the group of lower income (less then $50,000) want to help poor people to meet their basic needs, such as clothes food and so on. The most popular motivation for giving among donors with income between $50,000 and $100,000 is the phrase “to make the world better.” Among higher-income donors ($100,000 or more) phrases that resonated as motivation included “those with more should help those with less” or “making my community better.” The detailed statistics of different motivations popularity can be found in the full text of study.

Thus, when approaching new donors charity organization has to emphasize different ideas: mercy, responsibility of organization, the improvement of community and so on, dependently of constituency’s popular motivation. Such verification of cases for support could increase the fundraising on average.

That is why this article is worth mentioning on the briefing of Executive Boarder of non-profit organization.

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