Nonverbal Communication Essay Paper

The process of communication is very complicated and it can define the relationships between people and the effect people produce on each other in the process of communication. At the same time, often people remain unconscious of the significant impact of nonverbal communication or, what is more, they may be ignorant of the power the secondary signal system may have. In fact, nonverbal communication may be not less or even more effective than verbal communication.

On analyzing possible effects of nonverbal communication, it is necessary to underline the fact that, as a rule, nonverbal communication is used as a supporting signal system, which is secondary or complementary in regard to verbal communication, i.e. human language and speech. It should be pointed out that nonverbal communication includes gestures, mimics, body language at large. Unlike verbal communication, the body language is mainly produced on the subconscious level and often people are unconscious of the actual message they send to their interlocutors in the process of communication.

On the other hand, people also receive the message through nonverbal communication and they also perceive it on the subconscious level. In such a way, it is possible to use nonverbal communication to enhance the effectiveness of the speech, i.e. verbal message. For instance, while running a meeting it is possible to use nonverbal communication to control the audience and draw the attention to the speaker. It is necessary to establish an eye-contact with the audience so that people could be involved into the meeting on the almost personal level. Basically, it is not recommended to use actively gestures in order to avoid undesirable exciting of the audience but it is possible to use gestures moderately to maintain the interest of the audience and support the verbal message. For instance, it is possible to give thumbs to express satisfaction or support some positive message.

Thus, nonverbal communication may be an effective tool that should be used in the process of communication.

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