Nursing Entrance Essay

In the past, in order to work as a flight attendant, a nursing degree was required. Now, working as a flight attendant, I understand reasons why this requirement was so important. There have been more than enough times that I wish I had a nursing degree. I always had an inclination to medicine, but I have not had too many opportunities to follow my true calling. A few semesters ago, I decided to go back to school to earn a nursing degree. I enrolled at the University of South Florida in 2007. At UFS, I took Anatomy and Physiology I and II with a few other courses. I decide to take a Certified Nursing Assistance course with the Red Cross. Being enrolled in the course, I was able to see the inside of what nursing was all about. I felt compassion not only for the residents but for the nursing professionals. This is the reason for me to pursue an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

My special interest is becoming a Register Nurse. I have been working towards the degree for the past two years. It has been challenging but not impossible to work and to attend school at the same time. It is an incredible opportunity, if I am accepted, in making my nursing degree come true. Primarily, I aim at helping my community, my family and being able to accomplish it by the end of 2009.

My plans to accomplish these goals are to attend Remington College and to get the education and the adequate skills and I am eager to be an outstanding student. While attending the course at the Tampa Bay Red Cross, I was impressed by the compassion and kindness of Mary Coe, my instructor. She would tell many interesting stories about her career as an RN. She would put me in a trance; I would feel like the whole story was happening in front of my eyes. I felt like a new born who learned the skills from her. I could envision myself helping people and feeling useful. I could also imagine how challenging and fulfilling the nursing career can be.

My community is full of retired people. I have many elderly neighbors many that need someone to talk to. They call me, we go out to dine.

Basically, I spent my leisure time with them. I think I do that because I lost my grandparent a couple of year ago. It makes me feel closer to them. I was very close to my 2 sets of grandparents. My neighbor Barbara broke her hip in March. I would visit her at the hospital. Every time I would say to myself that I should be working here helping people through rough time. Later, she came out of the hospital and I had to go to a Convalescents home. I would visit her there and again I thought that I could still fulfill my dream. This is why my goal is to work as a Critical Care Nurse.

The beginning of my dream has started to be fulfilled and that was the moment when I found out about the accelerated course. I feel eager to pursue my dream. My qualification, as a Certified Nursing assistant, started to mold my dream. I am very passionate and very attentive to people. I always get compliment from my flights. My experience as a Flight attendant is extensive since many times I had to assist ill patients that needed a lot of strengths. My areas for development will be completed the day I graduate as a Nurse.

Growing up, I would see my aunt Carmen come from work. She would tell me stories about work an things that happened at her Respiratory Unit. I always view her as a hero. I still talk to her at least once a month. This is my primary principle for pursuing an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

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