Nutrition & Endurance Essay

Nowadays the topic of nutrition and endurance are widely discussed in different circles of our society and as you know it is the most important question exactly to athletes and the representatives of the sport world. I’d like to accentuate our attention on the role of optimum nutrition for athletes and examine it with more details. According to “the term “Optimum Nutrition” can be defined as eating the right amounts of nutrients on a proper schedule to achieve the best performance and the longest possible lifetime in good health, assuming that external negative influences like accidents and infectious diseases can be avoided.”

Athletes expend considerably more energy than the average person for whom the dietary reference values are intended.  Adequate intakes of dietary energy and of micronutrients are perquisites for maximum athletic performance.  Requirements for some nutrients may be increased by heavy exercise and it is expected that athletes should still be unlikely to have problems of dietary inadequacy. We understand that it is one of the myths around the life of athletes and they have the same problems and sometimes even deeper than average person. For example, many women among athletes in particular have much lower energy intakes that might be expected from their activity levels. Athletes have small increases in the requirements for some water-soluble vitamin in those undertaking vigorous training schedules e.g vitamin C, thiamin, niacin and riboflavin.  Well ”“ balance diet should contain sufficient of these vitamins, especially as total food intake will be higher during training.

Hill, Kirschmann & Kirschmann (1996) proclaim that “a suitable diet for athletes should focus on providing adequate caloric intake to support the increased demands due to exercising. Those calories should be provided through a well-balanced diet that incorporates all necessary nutrients that are essential to help the athlete improve his performance during exercise, delay fatigue as well as help him in the post-exercise recovery. Types of food consumed and the timing of the meals are two key factors that play an important role in the athlete’s nutrition.” As we know carbohydrates are very important for building glycogen and it is one of the important sources of energy for organism.

Athletes should drink enough water and eat more fruits and vegetable. Well-balanced diet is also consists of protein that should provide around 12-15 percent of the caloric intake.

Thus taking into account all above mentioned we can conclude that optimum nutrition is one of the important moments in athletes’ life.  Health is the one thing that we can’t buy for money and athletes should be healthy and wealthy because it helps them to win their competitions and be the great sport stars.

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