Object-Oriented Application Development

The development of technologies contributes to the emergence of new industries, products and services. In the contemporary business environment, the development of IT is particularly prospective since IT keep progressing fast and can bring considerable profits to companies developing new technologies. In such a context, many companies focus on the development of software and software architecture in particular.

Basically, software architecture is the structure of a program’s or system’s components, the interrelationships among the components, and a set of rules that govern the interaction and evolution of the program or system. At the same time, it should be said that today software architecture is in-between science and art. In fact, there are no clear rules to build a system and designing software architecture is a mixture of art and science. In this respect, it should be said that software architecture may be viewed as art because a commercial software system supports some aspect of business or mission. Every system is unique due to the nature of the business drivers it supports. As a result, the uniqueness of each system makes it a form of art in a way.

On the other hand, software architecture is an essential part of the modern IT industry. To put it more precisely, to bring a software architecture user’s perspective into the software architecture, it can be said that software architecture gives the direction to take steps and do the tasks involved in each such user’s speciality area and interest. In addition, software architecture is essential for the stable and reliable functioning of modern information systems.

Thus, in conclusion it should be said that software architecture is important element of modern IT.

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