One flew over the cuckoo’s nest term paper

“One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” is an exciting and heavy story about one mental institution. It begins with the depiction of patients’ everyday life: how they spend their time, how they take medicine. But once there comes a new patient, Randle Patrick McMurphey. He is a very bright man, but he is often caught for crimes, he seems to be careless and unreliable, he likes to trick and have fun and not to work.

And hospital for him is a way out from prison. In reality “crazy house” turns to be a kind of prison too.

Randle turns to be also a very charismatic and attractive person, so he becomes a leader for other patients and changes their quiet lives.

Once he teaches them how to rebel against the regime, when they ask the doctor to watch the championship. Then he takes them to go fishing and that is a very exciting adventure for all of them. Most of them are weak, and it was their own decision to be cured, and McMurphey brings new emotions into their poor lives. And he is attentive to all of them. He was the only one to pay attention to deaf-mute Chief, he listened to others.

For his reaction he gets electroconvulsive therapy and decides to escape, and to take Chief with him. There is a last party, and McMurphey asks his lady friend to please young suicidal Billy. In the morning Nurse Ratched comes back and wants to punish Billy by telling about the shameful story with a girl to his mother. As a result he kills himself, and McMurphey, seeing the total problem in the Nurse, tries to strangle her. For that he is seriously treated and is returned to his bed as something like a vegetable. Chief is ready to escape, but he can’t leave his beloved friend in that way, and suffocates  him. In this way he releases McMurphey from humiliating degradation, and when he breaks the window, everyone thinks that is McMurphey to escape. For them it is a victory of their hero, who taught them to be themselves.

So, all the characters are strong and convincing, each of them has his difficult story, but they will never forget their messiah, who abandoned the rules, but was always sincere and open-hearted.

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