Online Social Networking Paper

I would like to write about twitter. I have chosen Twitter because it is a true trend in the modern society all over the world. The site gives many possibilities to its user- from communication to sharing information, photos and videos.
It should be noted that the purpose of the network is to make it much easier for people to express their thoughts, to write what they are doing from their Smartphone, to make these people mobile and interested in the process. As well, this social network makes the process interesting because people choose who to follow, who to respond and what to do, according to 6 Reasons Why Twitter is the Future of Search ”“ Google Beware (2009).
Twitter is used by people from all over the world and it has become very popular in a short period of time. My individual experience can be considered positive, as I enjoy spending time in social networks, and I liked about Twitter the fact that it brings the news the fastest way and users distribute the most interesting news themselves.
Considering the possible future social networking trends, I can say that there will be innovations, as Twitter has already changed the design of the social network. I think that people will be waiting new opportunities and the easiest ways to use the network, so I think the simplification is essential. I also think that new functions will be added, because some users prefer to use Twitter from their laptop- others from the Smartphone.
Some people believe that the Twitter is the future of the search, others say that this is a unique product that has changed many people’s lives and has connected people’s life with working via Twitter, according to 10 Ways Twitter Will Change American Business (2009).

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