Online learning attempts to supplements established teaching through lectures, tutorials and printed data information to achieve maximum efficiency in learning. In online learning environment a student is to attend class, read and research specific information, take part in conversations, cooperation with other students, ask questions, network and communicate with other classmates (The online learning environment).

Personal goal setting is of great importance when managing the time in online learning. Planning, organization and realization of core target are elements of the online learning practice. In order to be successful in an online learning environment a student should realize the effectiveness of time managing competence. Personal goals in online learning time managing are: 1) self-motivation, realizing of motives, interests, ambitions of learning, and staying motivated (communication with other students or tutor is needed, excellent and satisfactory motivation is an anticipating of the result as well as setting of personal targets) 2) making the time (planning of the time develops work habits, devoted to studying each day, holding a calendar for each term stating the targets to be achieved, scheming an exact objective each time starting using the system) 3) listing of the tasks of the first concern and greater importance, 4) picking out the time on interacting and exchanging with the lecturer and classmates via discourse, messaging communication (this gives the chance to distribute effective techniques and methods that came in handy in working out an online student abilities with the help of different questions without limits or restrictions. Being member of an association of learners is productive and beneficial in traditional learning, and the same is exact for online studying),  5) setting as a target an integration of time managing approaches and methods during the day, such as forming of an adaptable schedule that would frame main responsibilities and time limits of passing works, 6) self-conviction of disadvantageous character of daily wasteful activities (time-wasters) that can hinder the successful and prompt well-timed accomplishment of online activities and assignments, 7) keeping watching of the information and data to be performed and tasks to be finished, 8) writing of each target down, 9) self-discipline, 10) working in extra time.

In order to manage the time personal goals should be set for success in online education environment. All the mentioned above determines the ways of better planning the time through direct and indirect fixed points. Planning peculiarities in learning are of individual choice, successful time managing is achieved through personally combined schedules taking into consideration accompanying influential necessary factors. All in all, online learning courses are created in such a way that students can plan learning process in a stability and equality of correlation of work and home life. The key components to the time managing in online education are weekly schedules, plans, list of target tasks and regular interaction with classmates and lecturers.

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