Operating Systems Essay

A lot of people are sure that Windows must be set on a computer for work. Far not all ordinary users know about the alternative operating systems (OS), and yet less number of them tried these OS in work. That is why after learning something about such operating systems as Windows, Mac OS, UNIX and Linux, it becomes obvious that their main difference consists in principle construction and realization of different services and work.

Speaking about Windows, it was created as the addition to run on the base of DOS. It considers to be a real burden on the operating system. Linux and Max OS can be called the Unix-like systems, as they are built on Unix. In general Linux is not a single system, it is a quantity of “distribution kits”ť.

One of the principle differences between Windows and UNIX/Linux is that Linux does not have a concept of a disk, neither physical nor logical. All work with the devices of storage of data is organized through the special files of devices which represent physical transmitter (disk, tape and so on) or its parts (sections) in the file system.

Additional differences in architecture are mainly minimized to the differences of work of monolithic and module cores, which frequently can be not advantages or failings, but simply be their differences.

One more strong side of Mac OS is that this Os has practical absence of viruses for Macintosh. And the main thing is not considered in greater distribution and prevalence of Mac OS in comparison with Windows, but also in the fact that traditional viruses do not simply work in UNIX environment.

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