“Orientation” by Daniel Orozco essay

Daniel Orozco has managed to create a short story, Orientation, which reflects the routine of the modern life of people in a large city where they simply lose themselves in their professional life. In fact, this short story is quite original and the unwillingness of the author to reveal the name of the narrator is, in all probability, intentional since in such a way the author emphasizes the modern job in an office can deprive a person of his/her individuality. What is meant here is the fact that, on reading this short story, I have realized that I cannot help from thinking about all those people who work in an office and all those who dream about getting such a kind of job and I understand that practically every individual may be the narrator of the story.

At the same time the story itself probably tends to some exaggeration in depicting the reality of the office life. On the other hand, the serial murderers and sexual perverts that appear in the short story by Orozco do not seem to be too surrealistic, instead they fulfill a very important function as they underline the hidden threats of such a kind of professional orientation and the office life at large which is in the focus of the author’s attention.

Therefore, this book depicts the professional orientation and office life, sometimes in its extreme forms, but, what is more, it also raises a problem where such orientation on professional career and office life lead us to. This is what makes this short story by Daniel Orozco particularly interesting to me since the narrator as well as the listener may be just one of us and this literary work makes us think what actually our professional life is and whether our professional orientation is right or probably we could choose a better way in our life. Anyway, on reading this short story I have felt that it is really important to avoid becoming a part of the great machine called the routine job.

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