Pablo Escobar Essay

The name of Pablo Escobar is rather popular all over the world. This person had the criminal past and in 1989 he was listed as the seventh richest man in the world. All criminal elements throughout the world consider Pablo Escobar the greatest outlaws and copy his behavior. In the beginning of his criminal career Escobar came from Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia and started from small crimes that would never be compared with his latest crimes, because during the short period this person became the leading cocaine distributor in the world and he is also called a Columbian drug lord or Cocaine King. We can mention that in the late 1970’s Escobar’s activity was so big that he and his cartel occupied one of the first places among the most powerful organized crime organizations. As much as 80% of cocaine worldwide was controlled by Escobar’s cartel and this paper allows more attentive look at Escobar’s life and his criminal past.

Let’s begin our research from the Escobar’s biography. According to we can see that: “Pablo Escobar was born in 1949, he was the son of a peasant farmer and a school teacher. When he was two, the family moved to Envigado, a suburb of the city of Medellin, Colombia. A young Escobar was growing up in a turbulent time in Colombia’s violent history. His criminal life began as a teenage car thief in the streets of Medellin, Colombia but he would one day become one of the richest men in the world. It has been reported that early in his criminal career he allegedly stole headstones from graveyards and re-sold them in other villages of Antioquia as well as selling them to smugglers from Panama.”¯ Escobar’s biography has dual character, because from the one hand he was a cruel criminal but from the other hand poor people called him modern Robin Hood. I think that it will be interesting to explain this duality and think about these two facts. During his dangerous life Escobar entered in the lists of the richest people of the world of magazine “Forbes”¯. He had 34 manors, 500 thousand hectares of the land, 40 rare cars in a garage”¦ In a manor “Naples”¯ he created the largest on a continent zoo, where delivered 120 antelope, 30 Buffalo, 6 hippopotamuses, 3 elephants and 2 rhinoceroses from all over the world. At the end of 1970’s he intercepted for Chileans the cocaine and converted it into profitable business (an annual turn in the USA is over $86 milliards). Preeminently in this period crazy money gushed to Colombia and a half-forgotten country knew the whole world. In Colombia appeared “Medellin cocaine cartel”¯. A famous cartel literally took a city assault, building habitation for poor, neatly paying taxes, and actively began to help just select governor in building of cheap subway for the workers. Due to that he built cheap habitation for poor men from suburbs, the people intoxicated from gladness chosen Escobar the member of National Congress. Just at that time a city was known as reliable shelter for drug pushers as authorities of city rendered them a protection and defence. Almost all press then was on the side of drug lord. Escobar at this time appeared in town escorted by catholic priests. During the creation of Escobar’s cartel he with his partners agreed about collaboration in the questions of production, transportation and sale of cocaine. Almost for 20 years under the Escobar’s direction they created an empire which controlled more than 80 percents of world cocaine market. And, as wrote newspapers, “by that time in their hands were already given a reddish hue to blood of many obstinate competitors”¯. The ringleaders of drug mafia gradually grew in magnates. Their personal states exceeded $6 milliards. In settlements and small cities they erected palaces. When Pablo purchased the first house from a local rich person, he exclaimed: “I did not know that the rich are so poor”¯. The attraction of riches is very strong, but ringleaders were dissatisfied by riches – they hankered after authorities. In March, 1982 Pablo Escobar became the member of Colombian parliament. Drug lord ā„–1 was select into the Parliament. Many seminars on human rights were conducted under his aegis.

When Pablo Escobar was laid to trading in drugs, he passed to illegal position and began terrorist actions against the Colombian state. It was happened in 1984, since a warrant on his arrest was written on a charge of organization of murder.Ā  Opposition with authorities after murder of candidate on post-modernism grew into total war with explosions, mass violence and Ā«individualĀ» murders. For incomplete 520 employees of police were killed during two years, and the incurrence of victims attained thousand persons. Escobar’s hirelings killed judges, constabularies, journalists, arguing against drug mafia. Trying to intimidate the pursuers, Escobar even ordered to blow up an airliner with 107 passengers onboard. Among the victims of smart drug lord there was one of future presidents of Colombia, stolen by Escobar’s criminal organization in 1988 during a campaign on elections. Escobar’s cartel opened out a wide network on the production and the sale of drugs.

The drug empire is served today, on the most modest counts, more than four million persons.

Escobar found out his own formula of the drug sale. The prime cost of kilogram of cocaine in Colombia in those times hesitated from $4 to 5 thousands. In America for it was possible to get $60 thousands. It was not surprising, that Pablo Escobar began to search contacts in the USA. At first small portions of cocaine ran across a border in suitcases, petrol tanks, even in the luggage racks of cars. At that time the kilogram of heroin was changed on the kilogram of money of certain dignity. And soon in business, bringing more than 1000 percents arrived, all who wanted to received money and for a few years a powerful criminal structure was formed with the networks of sale, transport ductings and jars for white-washing. Certainly, failures happened, but even in case that a cartel lost 90 percents of the products, business would remain profitable. By a record sum in the world for information about criminals $10 millions are considered.Ā  Such reward was set at one time preeminently for the head of Pablo Escobar. However, this unthinkable on ordinary measurements reward enticed nobody because any hunter understand that going after so solid state he wouldn’t not live days. Pablo Escobar earned the milliards of dollars on cocaine, did not spare money on the safety. Quite often he was simultaneously guarded by 200 hits.

Thus, taking into account all above stated we can conclude that Pablo Escobar was arguably the richest and most violent criminal in history. Romero (2007) declared that “The death of Pablo Escobar brought down with it the powerful and murderous influence of the Medellin Cartel. It also marked the end of an era where violence and illegal trade were responsible for the constant terror upon the people of Colombia. It has been years since the end of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel yet Colombia continues to be tarnished by its history.”¯

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