Parenting and Discipline Style Essay

The article “Application of Psychology” presents useful information about child’s behavior, parents’ mistakes, parenting style and discipline. The person’s individuality is formed during first three years of the child’s life. At that time parents, caretakers, are the most important people in his or her life. During this period children  adopt their parents’ model of behavior, imitate their parents’ relations and choose style of life.

Having read about three discipline styles ”“ authoritarian, permissive and authoritative ”“ I realize how much in child’s future life depends on parents’ choice of one of these models. Working with early childhood memories I can make a conclusion that my parents chose the most successful type of behavior ”“ an authoritative model. In my family there always were rules which I had to follow but at the same time I understood that they were necessity. My parents’ discipline style coincides with the description from the article: “In short, authoritative parents show their children that they are loved and respected but provide the amount of authority that the child needs” (355). I was allowed to do a lot of things and I had the feeling of freedom and independence. Now I realize that it was more the feeling of autonomy in the frames of such great corporation as family. My parents taught me to be responsible for my actions. My brightest memory is the day when I got a pet ”“ a funny puppy. Parents explained me that now I was responsible for this new member of our family and I never forgot about it.

I suppose that it was my parents’ discipline style that formed my personality and my outlook. As for me, I would choose the same style to raise my own children in order they become independent and ambitious but at the same time caring and sympathetic.

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