Personal Evangelism Essay

Firstly, speaking about evangelism, we should mention in several words about the Gospel as it is. The gospel are the fundamental books with revelation of Jesus Christ; books that are honored and respected as sacred in Christianity (and, in less degree, in Islam). These books depict the earthly life of Jesus Christ. The gospels are divided into four books and make part of the New Testament. These Gospel are named according to the names of their authors-compilers – from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The first three texts contained a lot of  parallel places, which are named synoptical from the XVIII century, since John Jacob Grisbakh published them in 1776 as the Synopsis, it means in parallel columns. The Gospel from John substantially differs from the synoptical both by composition and by maintenance. It was written on a few decades later than books of other Evangelists having a purpose to complement them. The gospels contain the descriptions of birth and life of Jesus Christ, his death and wonderful resurrection, and also sermons, edification and parables.

Every author of the Gospels did support on those moments of life and activity of Jesus Christ, which he considered most essential. Some parts of events in general are mentioned in one and not mentioned in other Gospels.

So it is general information, but in common the Gospel is the fundamental work that makes people believe and to give their belief to others. In real life this elucidative and educational information comes from special people who are closely connected with their beliefs and can give their knowledge to public. They are called missionaries, so to say people, who have a special mission of God among us. Any person with severe belief can become a missionary. Their work is really various. Firstly, they offer people to come to Christ, helping them to accept the recovered Gospel through a faith in Jesus Christ and His Expiation, through confession, christening and receipt of gift of the Holy Spirit, to suffer up to the end. The further missionary instructions specify how to obtain this purpose under the direction of Spirit.

Now missionaries all over the world try to understand the reason and heart message about Renewal of Gospel of Jesus Christ, about the plan of rescue, about all of commandments, laws and mysteries of Gospel. Then they conduct these lessons, their explains, following the Spirit.

Knowing the Spirit, all the missionaries will tell how at all times Heavenly Father called Prophets, and wanted to say through them about the plan of happiness to their children. In such a way toucan become penetrated with the spirit of their evidence, when they will talk about the Divine vision in which God-Father and His Son Jesus Christ can come to you. Missionaries are able to expose before you the sequence of events due to which plenitude of the Gospel and power to operate on behalf of God was again recovered on the Earth.


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