Personal Marketing Plan

First goal is to get a job. I will have to post my CV at different websites, actively look for a job and make various researches.
Second goal is to improve my knowledge and experience. For that I am thinking to enroll in some courses and training that can be helpful for my future career. Also, I think it is important to gain as much experience as possible.
Third goal is to become a screenwriter. This is my dream. I adore writing and I think that this way, with all efforts accumulated I will be able to make my dream come true. I have to say that I have many ideas and directions, I am devoted to my profession and I see many perspectives in the sphere where I work. I think that it is important to enjoy what you are doing, to be animated and goal- oriented.
I have resources and achievements that support reaching each goal. I believe in myself and I am ready to take risk. I would like to say that while I am young I am not afraid to try, to take risk, to enjoy the process and to believe in better. I believe my perspectives and I have faith in my future career. I have decided that I will do everything possible to make my dreams come true.
Considering the calculations that will have to be made in order to achieve my goals, I think that the first goal- to get a job will require my efforts and patience. There will be costs of mailing and regular spending connected with the search of the job. All in all, in my opinion, the first goal will not require high costs.
Considering the second goal, which is to improve my knowledge and experience, it can be said that there can be considerable financial resources that will be required. I will have to get additional knowledge, to study more and gain experience. These methods of getting more essential knowledge will cost a lot. I think it even may be compared to the average salary, which I plan to spend on courses and trainings, as described in Personal marketing strategy.
My third goal is to become a screenwriter. This goal is an outcome out of the two previous goals. To get a job, to improve my knowledge and experience will help me to accomplish my third goal. I know that they are indispensable. For that goal I think that the financial resources have to be accumulated from the two previous goals. There will be certain costs connected with the third goal, nut they will not be so considerable.
I will create a timeline and describe the steps of my goals. In July I will draw my goals and carefully analyze them. In August I will start looking for a job- this is my first goal. In September- October I hope to find a job that will meet my expectations and that will be perspective for me. In November- December I will start to improve my knowledge and experience, because it is essential for the career. I think that courses and different events that can be helpful and develop my additional knowledge will be helpful. In January, February and March I expect to visit additional courses and to work as well. In April I hope to get a promotion that will help me to determine my future goals. In May ”“June I hope to get another job of a screenwriter. I hope that in a year I will be able to become more experienced and a true professional, and this way I hope that I can be useful in the position of the screenwriter. I think that I have a talent for that and I will have considerable knowledge accumulated, along with the working experience, according to Personal marketing strategy.
I think that it is important to have the vision of the future possibilities. I know that I have to follow my personal marketing plan in order to have the clarity and transparency of the issues, to understand the further steps and to be able to foresee certain things. Each accomplished step allows to make further plans and also to see more opportunities. That is why, in my opinion, I think it is important to create the plans carefully, to follow them and to create new plans considering the certain circumstances, as stated in Career planning.
All in all, career plan and personal marketing plan determine gradually painted path to achieving career goals. Career Plan requires anyone who wants to succeed in professional activities. With it, people prudently manage their time and energy, as well more fully disclose their potential and enjoy their work. Successful career planning and life – are inseparable. You can receive a raise and grow slowly, not planning more than a month in advance. But you can not make a quick career, not for yourself outlining the interim and final goals, according to Introducing the Personal Marketing Plan. The main thing is determined by the ambitions and people have to forget about laziness. To sum it up, I think that it is essential to create marketing plan and to follow it. It is important to create goals, to follow the plans, to achieve better results. All in all, career – is the result of deliberate human behavior and position in the field of work related to official or professional growth. Career – its path – a man builds himself, in accordance with the peculiarities of the intra-and outer organizational reality and most importantly – with their own goals, desires and attitudes.

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