Personal Statement Essay Paper

Today, the importance of education can hardly be underestimated. I was always concerned with my education because I believe it is the foundation, on the basis of which I can build up my professional life. What is more, I believe it will help me to achieve a personal success because, in my opinion, education is not just the years you spent on learning but it is also a personal growth and development which allows me uncovering my internal world, helps me become wiser and develop my personal philosophy. At the same time, I should say that what I want most of all is the self-realization. What I mean is the realization of my internal inclinations and interests which I have already developed in the course of my life since I believe that a person, who is doing his favorite work or who enjoys what he is doing as his work, is a truly happy person. So, I believe that while studying at the University I will be able to grow professionally and personally and eventually I will become a successful professional and a person with a shaped personal philosophy.

In fact, I have never viewed education as something supernatural. Instead, I always viewed as a part of my natural development, but, at the same time, I was always convinced that it is an essential part of my development. To put it more precisely, I understand that, today, I can hardly succeed in a highly competitive world without a good education. This is why, in spite of the fact that I was born and grew up in Sweden, I am concerned with entering an American or English University, where I can continue my professional education.

At first glance, it may seem to be a bit unusual that I am eager to study aboard, though Swedish educational system is considered to be quite effective and reliable. However, I, in person, believe that studies at American or English Universities are consistently more prospective for me than studies in Sweden. Obviously, our education may be good, effective, whatever you wish, but I understand that I am living in a globalized world, where national barriers and frontiers tend to disappear. In such a situation, English-speaking world dominates the development of the modern world and it is English-speaking countries, such as the UK or the USA that establish the mainstream trends in the socio-cultural, political and, in a way, economic development of the world. What is even more important for me is the English-speaking environment in which I would like to study. In fact, I have already studied in England for two years and I really enjoyed this experience not only because it has enriched my spiritual world but also because it has provided me with excellent opportunities to study English language in the native-speakers’ environment. I believe it was a very important experience and, probably, it is due to this experience I have taken the decision to enter an American or English University. In this respect, I should say that the language competence is crucial in the modern world, while English as a truly international language. Thus, I expect to become really proficient in English that will open larger job opportunities for me since I will be able to get employment in any company that operates internationally or that is based in the USA or the UK.

Such prospects are very important for me, taking into consideration my passion to programming. I have been interested in programming since my childhood. I used to believe that there is a kind of magic which makes all these computers and software work perfectly well. Thus, I developed a profound interest to programming as I wanted not only to understand how software works but I also wanted to program myself, to create something new that is of my own. In actuality, I have been programming smaller applications for almost four years and, probably, this passion to programming has determined the choice of my future career. This is why I am currently applying for computer science courses BSc. I hope my experience which I have in programming and my skills I have developed in using programming languages, such as c and .net will be helpful for me.

On the other hand, I am conscious of the fact that, at the moment, my professional knowledge is fragmentary. In fact, I am an amateur, while I am eager to become a truly professional since I believe programming and computer science, at large, have great prospects. In all probability, it is the science of future. At the same time, it is a truly international science since computer science and programming open huge opportunities for communication worldwide and to do this people need to understand each other. Hence, they need to be proficient in English, which is an international, vehicle language today.

Thus, in conclusion, I would like to say that I hope my internal inclinations and interests will meet my professional education and career. In such a context, the study at the University is an important stage in my professional and personal development.

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