Personal Statement Essay

Today, education is a key factor that determines the professional success and social standing of an individual. At any rate, I strongly believe that education is the basis for my professional career. This is why I am very concerned with the quality of education and opportunities I have while studying at the University.

To meet these goals I want to transfer to the University of the Pacific from the Portland State University, where I am studying now. In fact, I have taken the decision to transfer to the University of the Pacific because this university offers me an opportunity to major in Engineering Management. Unlike many other Universities, the University of the Pacific does not integrate the Engineering Management in Industrial Engineering Departments. Instead, the University of the Pacific offers me the possibility to focus on the study of the Engineering Management alone. In such a way, I expect to reach my long-run goal ”“ to remove the gap between engineers and business people.

I believe that closing the gap between engineers and business people is strategically important for the development of business today because it will meet interests and needs of both engineers and business people. To put it more precisely, business is often oriented on costs saving, but this goal cannot be achieved without the assistance of engineers, who can offer unique solutions to business to save costs. On the other hand, engineers focus on the quality of their work above all and this goal can be achieved due to investments of business people. In addition, the combination of business and engineering will help to solve such burning problems as the environment protection through introduction of natural sources of energy that will save costs for business.

Thus, I would like to apply for the University of the Pacific, where I expect to continue my education and obtain MD and PhD.

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