Why it is important to take an equal amount of food in the same time every day? The fact is that after each meal the blood sugar level rises, but to control and prevent diabetes for Anna it is important to maintain a constant blood sugar level. (

For Anna it is necessary to make a balanced nutrition plan that she will stick follow during many years. It is recommended to use the following products:
– Bread – up to 200 grams per day, preferably black or specific whole grain.
– Soups, mainly vegetables.
– Lean meat, poultry (up to 100 grams per day) or fish (up to 150 grams per day) in boiled or baked form.
– Dishes from cereals, legumes, pasta in small amounts, cereals oats and buckwheat, millet, barley, rice cereal.
– Vegetables and greens. Potatoes, beets, carrots are recommended to eat no more than 200 grams per day. But other vegetables (cabbage, lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes) and herbs (except spicy) can be used with virtually no restrictions.
– Eggs – no more than 2 per day: boiled, scrambled or in the other dishes.
– Sour and sour-sweet fruits and berries (apples, oranges, lemons, cranberries, red currants) – up to 200-300 grams a day.
– Milk and dairy products (kefir, yogurt, unsweetened yogurt) about 2 cups per day, and small amounts of cheese, sour cream, and cream cheese are also very useful.
– as for beverages, it is recommended to drink green tea with milk, juice from fruits and berries, and, of course, pure water.
– it is recommended to use only lean meats: beef, veal, rabbit, chicken and turkey boiled or baked form.
– especially useful is low-fat fish, because fish is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. (Powers, 1996)

Along with a healthy nutrition plan regular exercises are very important. Exercises are good for the heart and blood vessels, as they stimulate the blood flow through small blood vessels and improve the pumping function of the heart. In combination with a healthy diet, exercise lower blood levels of LDL, “bad” cholesterol. In addition, during exercise there is an increase in blood HDL (“good” cholesterol), which provide high permeability of the blood vessels and help reduce blood pressure. Exercise helps to reduce excess weight and help maintain a healthy weight. Regular exercise can help to lose weight by burning calories and stimulating metabolism. Physical activity also reduces the resistance of tissue to the action of insulin, which improves the body’s ability to use insulin and lower blood sugar levels.

Regularly performing physical exercises, Anna will:
Ӣ improve her overall physical health, become resistant to the daily stress;
Ӣ feel less tired;
Ӣ increase flexibility of muscles and joints;
Ӣ improve muscle tone
Ӣ improve the ability to concentrate
Ӣ reduced appetite
Ӣ prevents the development of brittle bones and osteoporosis. (Graham, 1995)

It should be noted that Anna should avoid such physical activities as weightlifting, rock climbing, marathon running, extreme sports and power. Instead, volleyball, tennis, basketball, cycling and walking are very helpful, also we can recommend her swimming, aerobics, dancing, play soccer, ice skating. There are certain guidelines that must be followed to everyone who took the decision to do regular physical training:
1. It is recommended to follow a clear frequency of physical exercise during the week (optimum amount – 3-5). It is advisable to perform the exercises in balance with the rhythm of life and load at work. The best time for physical activity in 1-2 hours after meals.
2. Also Anna should keep in mind the principle of gradualism: to begin exercises with short sessions (7-10 minutes) and gradually increase their duration.
3. It is desirable to adhere to recommended sessions: first warming-up exercises (6-7 min), then the basic set of exercises and at the end relaxation and stretching (about 5-6 minutes). Following this principle allows the lungs and heart work normally, and also to avoid damage to the ligaments and muscles.
4. During the exercises it is recommended to drink more fresh water.
5. For training it is recommended to choose comfortable, lightweight clothes and shoes to avoid injury.
6. During the exercises Anna must monitor the overall state of health, and if any warning signs, she must immediately stop training. In addition, she must be able to understand the causes of the incident and draw appropriate conclusions (for example, improper breathing, lack of warming-up exercises. You should not do the exercises, if any area of the body causes pain.
Physical activities can be such as swimming, aerobics, tennis, volleyball, pilates, yoga and other exercises. Anna can alternate sessions, for example: 2 times a week she can go to aerobics, and once in the swimming pool. (

It is also necessary to emphasize the importance of breathing exercises. Any breathing exercises can be considered as a unique tool non-medical treatment and rehabilitation, which activate various mechanisms of repair (recovery) of virtually all body functions. These exercises help to improve the health status, as well as to be a mean of prevention of different diseases, including diabetes, as they help to stimulate the immune system, increase resistance to adverse factors. Being a good antistress mean, along with other methods of relaxation, breathing exercises helps to relieve nervous tension, and a nervous overload significantly impair the health of people with diabetes or those having a predisposition to the disease, since in stressful situations specific hormones fall into the blood, which lead to a change in metabolism. It is also worth recalling that the breathing exercises provide restorative effect, activates blood circulation and trains the cardiovascular system. Thus, breathing exercises can be regarded as an effective method of rehabilitation for patients with diabetes, as well as its active prevention.

In conclusion it is necessary to summarize that: due to the fact that Anna has a diabetes predisposition, she is recommended to follow a special nutrition plan during her life. This is not a diet, but a healthy and well-balanced nutrition plan, which will help Anna to stay healthy, to get all necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Such a balanced diet based on a list of recommended products, and a special diet plan will help Anna stay healthy, to maintain proper metabolism, that is to prevent her from diabetes.

Also, a special place in the fight against diabetes have exercises and physical activity. So Anna must follow advice and plan of physical activity in order to regulate her weight, metabolism, and stay healthy. This plan was designed so that Anna could follow it for many years.

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