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The topic of environmental protection is popular. Environmental questions are wide discussed and in my opinion it is really good that people awoke from the egoism and exploitative treatment of nature and try to do something useful. In this paper I want to answer on a question: What place should be preserved and protected from development? I choose Minnesota State for its enormous natural resources and necessity to be protected. As you know from the school lessons Minnesota is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. Minnesota’s nature is perfect and many years ago it was called as a river. This word (toponym) Minnesota means on the language of American Indians the water colored by the sky or blue water. We can understand even from geographical name that the territory with clean rivers and lakes, virgin forests and fresh air was a piece of paradise on the Earth.

For a great regret it was long time ago and now situation has another character.

Preparing to this work I look through different information and find interesting facts. I’d like to tell you about the place named the Lost 40. I visited this place for several times and I like it very much. In previous sentence I wrote about information searching process and, frankly speaking, I decided to do it after my visit to the Lost 40. History of conservancy of the Lost 40 already came into the intent notice of representatives of different branches of science.

The Lost 40 has own history and own problems. I have an argument that is important for our discussion: while we will not go deep by an idea that there is, we will be never able to belong to that will be. 40 Lost Acres should be preserved because this place has unique characteristics and our generation is responsible for its preserving.

Minnesota’s uncommon flora, fauna, and geological features hold their ground in scattered places. I think that nature looked into the future and decided to preserve its areas by the peatlands that were too inaccessible and too waterlogged to attract developers. I think that my visit to the Lost 40 changes my attitude to the nature and it was good lesson for me. I saw a tract of old-growth pine forest and later learned a lot of new things about this place. For example,  it was spared the logger’s saw because a surveyor overlooked it in 1882 and Lost River Peatland SNA, Lost Lake Peatland SNA we can observe now only due to its unique inaccessible characteristics.

We should protect forests because they make air cleaner and they help to clean water. I am a supporter of nature protection and I think that the Lost 40 and its old-growth pine forest should be actively protected. It is a place of many rare trees and animals; we can’t destroy it by our ambitions and unjustified actions. Do you know that ground-water is cleaner when it flows under the forest? Yes, it is true; water is really cleaner when it flows under the forest and protecting forests we protect in such way ground drinkable water.

The forest, being one of main making parts of environment, in large part influences on a climate, presence of clean water, clean air, protects agricultural earths, provides places for a comfort residence and rest of people, saves the variety of wild-life.  The forest is also a source of medical plants and medicative herbs. I want to add that forests in Minnesota are a part of cultural and historical environment that we should preserve for our children. According to the last data protection guards against developments such as trails, campgrounds, picnic sites, logging, mineral exploration and development, cultivation, and other uses of land, public or private, that interfere with the preservation of its natural features. We should remember and understand that the forest plays a primary role in life of one person and humanity in a whole.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned I can conclude that the first enemy of our nature is a person. We should love and protect our Earth. The Lost 40 needs our help and we should protect it in all possible ways. The main aim for nature supporters now is to call community for help and explain that the nature is our gold. We all depend on the state of health of our native planet. A maintenance and defence of its health means the reasonable use of our natural resources, renewal of environment which we do for the existence: we exhaust soils, contaminate air and water. Most ecological crises arise up because people interfere in normal natural processes, not understanding a threatening danger. Let’s be attentive to our nature now and nature will care about us in future.

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