Persuasive essay Why People Should not Smoke

Smoking is a serious problem, which has been underestimated for a long time. However, recently, more and more people grow conscious of the negative effects of smoking. The number of smokers decreases rapidly, though this dangerous habit has not been eliminated yet and some people still prefer smoking, regardless of all risks and limitations that have been already introduced in relation to smokers.

In this respect, smokers need to understand that smoking is a great danger and, what is more important, smoking is a threat not only to a smoker but also to his or her environment, including members of the family, friends and other people. Needless to say, smoking contributes to the development of such diseases as cancer and cardio-vascular diseases, which are rated as major causes of deaths in the modern society. In addition, smoking affects the health of those people who surround a smoker in his or her regular life. At this point, it is important to emphasize that children are particularly vulnerable to the negative impact of smoking.

In fact, smoking has a dubious effect on children. On the one hand, they suffer from  the smoke itself, which has a consistently more destructing impact on a child than on an adult person because child’s body is in the process of its formation and, thus, is more vulnerable to negative influences of the environment. On the other hand, smoking parents or adults contribute to the development of a positive attitude of children to smoking since they believe that smoking is good. As a result, when they grow up they start smoking too.

Thus, it proves beyond a doubt that people should not smoke not only for their own health’s sake but also for their own children’s sake.

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